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What is Fear of Stuff About?

As much as we hate to admit, call it denial if you prefer, we are all afraid of something. Whether it’s a place, person, animal or an object. These fears are usually irrational and others are rooted deep in childhood experiences. Founded in 2007, our collection of phobia articles will help you identify and take steps to overcome these fears. Plus, you can take comfort that you are not alone – you can share your tips and experience with other people going through the same experiences. Our goal is to catalog each fear, we also want to share some common methods that have been known to overcome those fears. So whether it’s a fear of heights, fear of spiders, fear of unlucky 13 or fear of dating – FearofStuff.com will have an article about it.

What Fear of Stuff IS!

FearofStuff.com is a site to help identify phobias and present them as they are. We’re interested in being the best website on the internet for people to read and discuss about fears and phobias.

What Fear of Stuff IS NOT!

  • FearofStuff.com IS NOT a medical site.
  • FearofStuff.com IS NOT affiliated with any medical experts.
  • FearofStuff.com IS NOT biased to any specific treatment.

With millions of visitors every day, we’re the largest website just for “fear of stuff” information, and we’re adding more articles every day as we discover new fears that are holding people back from becoming the best they can be. If we don’t have what you need, just send us a suggestion using the form below and we’ll add it to the website.

Traffic Stats

Since Fearofstuff.com launched in Feb. 2009 we have steadily increased traffic from low hundreds to thousands!

We are growing and have grand plans to be the #1 site for all phobias and anxiety topics!

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