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cell phone 2A recent British survey suggests that seven out of every ten English citizens live with a phobia. There are indications that the growing tendency to fear was either precipitated by a declining economy or urged on to greater depths of dread. It would be safe to assume that similar numbers might apply to other nations like the U.S., Canada and Australia. According to The the list of potential fears is long, but one of the newest fears is nomophobia which is the fear of not having a mobile phone signal.

Been There – Done That

Face it, we can all relate to wanting or even needing to be in contact with someone and discovering we do not have the signal strength needed to make a call. We can’t check our emails and we can’t access the web. We are left alone with our thoughts and that can cause us to dwell on or consider new fears.

Catherine O’Neill of Anxiety UK tells, “We may have a genetic predisposition, but we acquire a phobia after a frightening experience. We might be bitten by a dog, for example. Or we might see or hear of someone being bitten by a dog. Or we might hear repeatedly that dogs are dangerous.”

Why Cell Phones?

cell phone 1If you think about it cell phones are used to connect with everything you need and you never have to physically interact with anyone. You can text, send emails, leave a voicemail or deliver a Twitter that never asks you to actually talk to anyone. This mobile device has created a proverbial electronic umbilical cord that we use to the exclusion of face to face contacts. The loss of this device through a lack of service presents the idea that we might have to deal with life by facing actual faces and not a text message or cell phone number.

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Introversion is the New Normal

With the rise in social phobias the use of a cell phone has become a coping mechanism for many who are not comfortable in a crowd. They can still interact in their own way with friends without the anxiety they feel in group situations. In many cases a person with social phobias actually has the ability to interact with people very well as long as they are not in the room. At one time that meant writing letters or using a land line telephone. Today that means mobile devices.

If you struggle with social phobia you probably use forums, blogs, cell phones and other devices freely to communicate with others. There is absolutely no inhibition in having a conversation with someone through these devices. In fact. the real difficulty comes when you have no Internet connection or no service for your cell phone. You might even be able to manage sitting in a mall with people walking by as long as you can concentrate on conversations originating by cell phone.

Releasing the Fear

A therapist can help you come to terms with this and virtually any other fear. That’s the good news. The bad news is they can’t help you is you are unwilling to get help. When you’re ready – seek the help you need. It’s out there – and it’s time.

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