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Bald 1Is is natural for some (men especially) to go bald as they age. Some men are comfortable enough with their balding condition they accelerate the process by shaving their heads before they go completely bald. There are those who fear a bald individual and they suffer from Peladophobia.

Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that what has been considered a fashion trend (shaving one’s head) is actually something that other people fear.This can translate to apprehension and a shunning of sorts. The one who fears may not be able to explain their actions, but nor can they control them alone.

What Causes Peladophobia?

As with most fears this one may be introduced by a trusted individual in our past, but it may also be based on a lack of understanding in relation to others.

Cancer is a horrific disease. Chemotherapy and radiation is often used in treatment. In the process of treatment many patients lose their hair. It is possible for an individual to feel as if they might contract cancer by coming in contact with a bald person. The truth is cancer is not contagious – and not all individuals who are bald also have cancer.

It is possible that the fear of bald people could actually be a fear of cancer.

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This fear might also be related to the perception that an individual who is bald (especially if they are younger than 20) might mean they are part of a gang, political ideology or cultural group that runs counter to your own belief system. This too can be the true source of your fear.

Symptoms of Peladophobia

If a peladophobe encounters someone who is bald they will quickly excuse themselves and a visible sense of panic may be evident. bald 2

Other symptoms may include…

  • Heightened anxiety
  • Air hunger
  • Trembling
  • Nausea
  • Elevated heart rate
  • The feeling of being trapped
  • A sense of control loss

It may seem ironic that many people who are bald are extremely comfortable without hair while others may be incredibly uncomfortable in their presence.

How to Overcome Peladophobia

One of the best ways to deal with the fear of someone who is bald is to learn more about why an individual may become bald. Yes, it can be a choice, but it can also be a hereditary or medical condition the individual has no control over.

Some individuals may wear a wig or a toupe which often reflects a conscious effort to appear ‘normal’ to themselves and others.

The fears you experience can be effectively reprogrammed by visiting with a therapist who deals in addressing fears and retraining the brain to react based on logic as opposed to unreasoning emotion. A therapist can also help you identify any and all fears you may have related to the fear of people who are bald.

You can overcome your fears and the first step is always admitting you have a fear followed by seeking an answer by enlisting the help of others.

The fear of people who are bald is also referred to as:

  • balding fear
  • Peladophobia

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