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Clouds 1Specks of dust floating through the air are surrounded by condensation in the upper atmosphere. As more dust merges with water droplets clouds form. Within those clouds hold the potential of fear – and that fear has a name. Nephophobia. The makeup of a cloud is logical while the fears associated with the clouds are personal. From those clouds come rain that causes flooding, hail that wounds and destroys and tornadoes that can potentially wipe out entire communities. For the nephophobe there are plenty of reasons to fear what begins as dust and water.

What Causes Nephophobia?

In most instances the fear of clouds boils down to violent events that include clouds. The white floating images can signal a bit of shade for some and an omen of danger to others.

Many of the fears associated with clouds can be traced to observable reactions among those who have lived through and have come to fear events associated with clouds.

Small fears based on observation can become much larger when the individual that suspects there is danger in the clouds actually lives through a dangerous storm. This moment allows them to be convinced that no good can come from clouds. This is when nephophobia becomes extremely pronounced.

Symptoms of Nephophobia

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clouds 2Many nephophobes will look on clouds with intense suspicion. They may experience a sense of panic and will not go outdoors on days when there are clouds in the sky. Many will move to locations where there is more sunshine than rain.

General symptoms include…

  • Air hunger
  • Elevated heart rates
  • Panic Attacks
  • Nausea
  • Fainting
  • Weeping
  • Temporary loss of bladder or bowel control

The symptoms will all relate to a solid belief of impending doom and destruction. This will be evident even when previous encounters with clouds generally do not support what other may consider an over reaction.

How to Overcome Nephophobia?

This phobia is based on a fear that is out of balance with typical outcomes. A nephophobe can find reinforcement for their fear by tuning into news and weather channels that tend to show only the most violent storms from around the world. In this environment they can justify their fear and the reaction demonstrated when the fear is present.

Ironically one of the best ways to overcome the fear is to eliminate negative exposure to violent incidents shown in the news.

Knowledge is always a positive step in overcoming fear. Learning more about the makeup of clouds can help you understand why they are more often than not a harmless buffer between the earth and sunlight. You can also learn what conditions are needed for other types of storm events to take place. If those elements are not in place there may be nothing to fear from gathering clouds.

Support groups and therapy can also be a positive means of addressing your fear with others who understand the effects of the fear and may be in various places of personal recovery. Many times a reversal of fear can take place when an individual can admit the fear and learn from others how to manage fear when it comes up when the sky gets dark.

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