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cameraSome people are simply camera-shy – which is very normal. However, other people go further, becoming extremely anxious or avoidant when faced with cameras themselves. If you suffer from an intense and persistent fear of cameras, there is not a specific Latin term for your disorder. Nonetheless, it is very real.

Why Do People Develop This Phobia?

Our relationship with the camera can be based on our self worth, and feelings of poor self-esteem can trigger this phobia. It can also be tied into fear and awkwardness about new technology. When someone fears taking photographs themselves or handling a camera, they can find their life affected by their tensions and anxieties.

Cameras have changed a great deal over the decades. Today’s models can be digital, and they may require interface with a computer. For those who do not enjoy computer-related tasks, using the camera may become a dreaded task. Those who use more old-fashioned models, such as 35mm cameras with screw-on lenses, etc., may also grow frustrated with the complexity of their camera. This can be a powerful trigger for this phobia.

Some Cameras Require Special Training

Photography is an art form, and the best photographers understand all the subtleties and qualities of their cameras. They don’t hesitate to take many test shots etc. in order to experiment with light and get optimum results. But the person who fears cameras will find the entire process off-putting. He or she will always stay away from any type of camera, even the cheap disposable variety.

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Technology Can Be A Trigger

People who avoid technology are often referred to as Luddites. They may also fear cameras. In some cultures, being photographed with a camera can be viewed as a sinful invasion of privacy. In certain tribes, people may feel their souls have been stolen when someone takes their picture. For this reason, they will be afraid of the physical camera itself, and be unwilling to use it.

While there is little evidence of such old-fashioned thinking today, there is still a feeling of mistrust about cameras is less-developed countries, where they are not used so commonly.

This fear is not about being in front of the camera. It refers to having a phobia about the camera itself. However, some people may fear both things together.

Many Activities Will Be Avoided

Taking a photography course or even snapping pictures of family members will be impossible for people suffering from this phobia. They will find it frustrating and upsetting if they are expected to use a camera in any setting.

For some people, taking pictures can be one element of a job description. People with this phobia may find themselves left behind at work if they don’t seek treatment for their problems.


As well, people who fear cameras will lose out on important opportunities to document their lives through photographs. Taking pictures can be very pleasant once fears are addressed and new techniques are learned. It’s very possible to rise above this phobia with certain treatments, such as psychotherapy. As well, fears may be eased with a course of anti-depressants.

If your fear of cameras stems from difficulties with computers and new, digital technology, you may need to opt for easier, point-and-shoot options, such as disposable cameras. These will offer the simplest option, and require no special focusing or adjustments.

Bear in mind that today’s cameras are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. With a help of a sensitive friend or photography instructor, you too may be able to conquer your fears and enjoy studying nature and people through photographs.


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