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stairsThe fear of stairs of steep slopes is quite common; it can tie into fears about heights, falling, and loss of balance. This phobia is known as Bathmophobia.

Reasons For Bathmophobia

Steep stairs present some challenges for certain people. For example, if someone is out of shape, they’ll find it difficult to climb stair without becoming short of breath or winded.

As well, the fear of slipping and falling can be a real deterrent to climbing stairs. While some people enjoy the health benefits of stair climbing, others will do anything they can to avoid stairs, choosing to ride escalators or elevators instead.

People with Bathmophobia will avoid hiking and other outdoor activities that require the ascent up steep slopes of terrain. The fear of stairs or steep slopes can cause a pronounced lack of fitness and endurance.

hiking trails with steep slopes will be avoided...

hiking trails with steep slopes will be avoided...

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Other Fears Can Be Triggers

The fear of heights is probably the biggest trigger for Bathmophobia, along with the fear of falling or injury. When fear of heights provokes the fear of slopes or stairs, the phobic person will become terrified and agitated around triggers.

Avoidance and anxiety will make them vulnerable to other physical symptoms, such as nausea, dizziness, and tension. In some cases, the symptoms brought on by Bathmophobia may actually increase the risks of an accident if someone needs to climb stairs or steep slopes.

Loss Of Fitness May Result

Problems with weight may result from this phobia. The person who avoids physical exertion that includes climbing stairs and slopes may come to avoid many types of exercise. Obesity, and all the health problems it causes, can be a factor in the lives of those who suffer from Bathmophobia.


When this phobia begins to impact fitness in a negative way, it may also affect a person’s sense of confidence and self-esteem. Low self-esteem fuels many phobias, and it should be examined as either a side effect, or root cause, of this phobia.

Getting At The Root Of Your Fears

If Bathmophobia isn’t caused by fear of exertion or injury, it may tie into someone’s low confidence in their own abilities. Sometimes, boosting confidence through therapy or fun activities that trigger the release of endorphins can release tension and make the phobia person more open to new challenges, and to facing their fears. People with phobias such as this should seek out mood-enhancing social and sports activities in order to support their confidence and growth.

Balance Issues May Have An Impact

Balance problems can trigger the fear of stairs and slopes, since they are far more dangerous for someone with improper balance. Many things can cause loss of balance, including vision and hearing problems. Even allergies can triggers balance problems. A whole range of illnesses can be responsible for feelings of vertigo and dizziness.

For those who develop this phobia in response to balance issues, medical care should be at the forefront of any treatment. It’s possible that balance issues can be resolved through careful tests and diagnoses.

It will take time to relieve this sort of phobia. Confiding in a good friend or therapist can help to ascertain the root of fears. Sometimes, a childhood trauma or bad memory can stay in a person’s mind, blocking them and triggering a phobia. It’s important to try and figure out exactly why stairs and steep slopes are so frightening to you.

Other names for Fear Of Stairs Or Steep Slopes

Slope Fear
Stairs Fear
Fear of Slopes


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