Fear of Making Decisions

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indecisionWhen someone dreads decisions and their ramifications, they can develop Decidophobia. Often, people who fear making decisions tend to vacillate and procrastinate in an effort to avoid the choices they must make. When the fear of making decisions begins to harm the psyche and affect daily
life, it can become a serious problem.

Why Does Decision-making Scare Some People?

Making decisions requires confidence. It requires a degree of certainty. When tough decisions with serious consequences are called for, it can be difficult for some people to know what is best. The fear of making the wrong decision can cause a sort of mental paralysis in those who suffer from Decidophobia. They may feel angry and agitated when faced with choices, because they are unsure of themselves.

In the business world and in personal life, the choices we make can define us. The decisions we make can be wrong, and if they are, they can be very costly. In our busy world, every day brings a barrage of new decisions to be made. For a person with Decidophobia, the small decisions, such as what to order at a restaurant, can feel as stressful and daunting as the big decisions, such as what job to take and whether or not to marry someone.

Getting To The Root Of Decidophobia

Certain personality disorders and other mental health issues can exacerbate this phobia. In particular, problems such as low self-esteem can hinder a person’s ability to find the confidence necessary to face life head-on and make smart decisions. The wavering and the strain of persistent indecision may be related to feelings of poor self-worth.

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People With Decidophobia May Reach Out For The Wrong Kind Of Assistance

Some people with this phobia wish to abdicate from making decisions, or else they feel that they cannot make choices alone. In some cases, these feelings may lead to some unhealthy habits, such as a reliance on psychics, astrology, and other offshoots of magical thinking.

will palm-reading lead to a better decision?

will palm-reading lead to a better decision?

The whole psychic industry, which includes palmistry, tarot reading, and other New Age techniques such as “reading auras” tends to benefit from the high incidence of Decidophobia. When people cannot predict the future and decide what choices to make, they may put their faith in a higher power. Believing that psychics have some greater insight into the world around them allows those with fear of making decisions to abdicate responsibility to another person. Clearly, this happens a lot. Psychic call lines and other forms of fortune-telling are big business. Some people are only looking for a glimpse into the future, but others are mired in indecision and looking for clues that will help them make the right twists and turns through life.

Turning to magical thinking is an illogical response to stress. It’s better for the person who fears making decisions to consider the real-life pros and cons of the choices they face. It’s always wiser for the person with Decidophobia to face their fears and take the reins.

Therapy For Decidophobia?

Therapy can really assist someone who is frightened of hard decisions. Discussing fears and anxieties with someone who is trained and compassionate will ease fears and provide a sense of relief to the afflicted person. If childhood memories and fears are related to Decidophobia, this can be addressed with cognitive re-mapping or other forms of therapy. Sometimes, anti-depressants can be prescribed to ease tension.


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