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If you are afraid of children, you suffer from pedophobia. Fear of infants or young children can occur for a variety of reasons. This fear is often the product of our own childhood experiences, and it can be difficult to overcome.

If you suffer from the fear of children, we can give you some insight about why it happens.Pedophobia is defined as an abnormal and persistent condition that surfaces when the sufferer is around a child, or children. Excessive anxiety will occur whenever the pedophobe is forced to interact with children, or be around them. This fear can be viewed as irrational. Children rarely pose any threat to adults. However, their behavior can trigger Pedophobia in some people.

Noisy Children Can Be A Trigger

Some adults grow irritated and tense around children who are noisy or ill-behaved. For example, babies or small children may fuss and cry on airplanes, and this can cause a negative reaction in those who fear children. Any encounter with a noisy child who disturbs a quiet environment will cause a stress reaction in pedophobes. The person who fears children may fantasize about adult-only environments where children are not permitted. They would prefer to distance themselves from children, as they perceive them as disruptive, unpredictable, and annoying.

Playgrounds where children yell and run around in groups are places the person who fears children will take pains to avoid. Other popular, kid-friendly locations, such as amusement parks, museums where school field trips are common, and parks, may be avoided as well. The man or woman who fears children will tense up at the sight of a group of children coming toward them, and they will take pains to seek out entertainments that don’t attract children and families.

Psychological Reasons For This Phobia

There can be other reasons why a person fears children. They may have some traumatic memories that surface when they watch children play, or interact with each other. If someone was bullied or beaten up as a child, they may perceive children as evil or cruel. They may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, which causes flashbacks of painful memories they would much rather forget. In this case, the sight of children can be the trigger for their disorder, and the phobia will stem from childhood problems.

If someone went through a difficult childhood, they may have issues with children who are happy and well cared for. They may evoke a jealousy reaction in the phobic person. While this is an immature response, envy can be one reason why people fear babies and children. Infants and young boys and girls are quite dependent on their parents and the adults in their lives. They are pampered, to an extent, if they are cared for with love and tenderness. For the adult who did not get this attention and kindness in their own formative years, being around children who receive these important things can feel devastating.

Symptoms Of Fear Of Children

People with this phobia will be reluctant to hold babies or give them a bottle. They will feel panicky around infants, and they will avoid babysitting them. They will display none of the normal joy and wonder most adults feel when they are with a newborn.

People with this fear may be rather cold and aloof with small children. They will not want to play with them or talk to them. They may find children too excitable and difficult to understand.

Some people with pedophobia will suffer panic symptoms when they are around kids. They will feel nervous, anxious, and frightened. They may suffer from dizziness, a racing heartbeat, and nausea.

Treatment of Pedophobia

It’s best to see a trained psychologist who can help you unravel the mystery of why you fear children. There may be memories in your past that you should discuss with a professional. Therapy sessions will ensure that you come to terms with whatever is blocking you from enjoying and connecting with children. This is obviously of extremely high importance if you are a parent or primary caregiver.

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