Fear Of Chickens

Chickens are not generally considered one of the more fearsome members of the animal family. However, many people do fear these fowl, and those who do suffer from Alektorophobia.

Why Do People Fear Chickens?

People who fear chickens may have some experience in a farm setting that has made them wary of the clucking, pecking birds. Chickens are not without aggression.

When Chickens Attack

On both Youtube and the Maury Povich show, this phobia has been documented. Chicken attacks may seem comical, but it can be scary when you are the one being chased. Some people really are terrified of chickens when they mass and attempt to peck human beings. They report feelings of intense and persistent terror that is related to the sounds chickens make, the look of the animals themselves, and their behaviors.

In film and television, many different versions of chickens are presented to the public. Cartoons such as Chicken Run feature animated depictions that show chicken performing martial arts and being sarcastic. For the person with Alektorophobia, films like Chicken Run may contribute to their anxieties.


Another documentary film, Mad City Chickens, gives some insight about what it’s like to live around and work with chickens in a barnyard setting. While this film is designed to be funny, it can frighten someone who dreads the sight of chickens.


Chickens In Literature

Aside from films, classic novels such as George Orwell’s Animal Farm can cause consternation. In this novel, an allegorical look at society, animals are used to represent key figures during Stalin’s reign of terror in Russia. Chickens are featured in the novel, as well as pigs and other animals.


Chickens Have Sharp Beaks And Claws

The aggressive behavior of chickens is centered around their sharp beaks, which they use for nipping and biting, as well as the claws on their feet, which are sharp and can be dangerous. Chickens have been known to attack other animals as well as human beings.

In 2008, in Coquille, Oregon, police had to be called in to attempt the capture of a chicken that was violent and out of control. However, they could not find the animal in question. Clearly, some chickens can inspire fear in human beings through their desire to defend themselves, etc.

There is some irony in the fear of chickens. The term “chicken” is actually used to denote fear and cowardice. People with this phobia could lightheartedly be referred to as “chicken of chickens”.

Dealing With This Phobia

Learning about chickens and how to interact with them can provide some relief from this phobia. For example, feeding chickens may give the person with Alektorophobia a chance to have a more positive experience with the animals. Corn or some other staple can be used to feed chickens and they will be easier to be around when they are focused on finding the food that is scattered on the ground.

Barnyards can smell extremely unpleasant, and this is one more trigger for the fear of chickens. Some people are repulsed by the earthy smell of animals and their excrement. People who react to the smell of chickens will feel nauseated or sick when they are forced to endure it. They will generally seek avoidance of any petting farm, zoo, or barnyard where live chickens live.

The symptoms of this phobia are similar to those of other phobias. Sick stomach, dizziness, and malaise are common. As well, avoidance of the animals may extend to chicken packaged in stores, or chicken by-products. Some people with this phobia may adopt a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle in order to escape chicken entirely.

Psychotherapy and cognitive therapy have been used with great success when treating stubborn phobias. Anti-depressants can also provide relief. Basically, getting at the root of reasons for Alektorophobia can help to resolve things. It is always possible to make positive headway with regard to alleviating phobias.

The fear of chickens is also referred to as:

  • chicken phobias
  • fear of chicken phobia name
  • phobia of chickens
  • chicken phobia fear
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