Fear Of Wild Animals

The fear of wild animals is known by the Latin term, Agrizoophobia. People who suffer from this fear will dread the very idea of being around these sorts of animals, who will seem threatening and untamed.

Reasons For This Phobia

Agrizoophobia is quite common. It’s very understandable that someone would fear wild creatures who operate only from instinct. Lions, tigers and other wild jungle animals are powerful predators who attack without compunction, tearing flesh and feeding without the slightest qualms or conscience. When faced with such primitive agression, a sensitive person may develop an intense of persistent fear of being preyed upon by a violent, angry animal.

Zoos Are A Trigger

Zoos will present all manner of triggers for people with this phobia, and they are likely to practice avoidance when faced with the prospect of being around wild animals. Even television programs featuring animals in their natural habitats may cause great consternation. If the phobic person lives around wild animals, this may go a long way toward explaining their reactions and anxieties. They may fear the creatures who seem to lurk in the forest, day or night. If they live near a jungle, they may be wary of animal attacks. Proximity can be a huge trigger for this disorder. In some cases, the person with Agrizoophobia will be happier in cities are environments that seem more controlled. A person who develops this phobia may be inclined to change their lifestyle in order to avoid triggers.

People With This Phobia Will Avoid Certain Things

Pets may be avoided as well, even if they are tame and domesticated. Even dogs, which may change temperaments quickly, and bark or bite, can bring forth latent fears of animal attacks. Many people with Agrizoophobia prefer to keep their homes pet-free. They will be certain to refrain from owning unusual pets which may be considered wild. An animal attack will be feared most, and sometimes the person with this phobia will have been a victim of one already. Post-traumatic stress disorder can result from any injuries or maiming sustained in an attack. Sometimes, wild animals, such as Grizzly bears, wander out of their typical environment in order to hunt for food in residential areas. Animals like these can be extremely dangerous, and they have been known to attack and kill human beings. If you have been the victim of an attack by a wild animal, the likelihood of developing Agrizoophobia will increase dramatically.

Films Can Also Be Triggers

Some films and television programs can exacerbate this phobia. The film, Grizzly Man, told the story of an unusual man who went to live in Alaska among dangerous, wild bears. He believed he had some special communication with them, but he was proven terribly wrong. He and his girlfriend, who has decided to join him, were both savagely attacked by a Grizzly bear and killed. In the documentary film, the sounds of their death were all recorded on audiotape, and this haunting account of their last moments was almost impossible to listen to. Films like this tend to provoke intense fears in everyone, not just the people who suffer from Agrizoophobia.

Symptoms And Treatment

The symptoms of this phobia include feelings of panic, terror, powerlessness, and fierce anxiety. Avoidance of triggers will become a compulsion. Therapy and a course of anti-depressants may be necessary to move away from the powerful anxiety that Agrizoophobia causes.

The fear of wild animals is also referred to as:

  • wild animal phobias
  • fear of wild animals phobia name
  • phobia of wild animals
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