The Hypnotic Drawing Induction To Breakthrough The Fear Of Dogs

In this blog post I will be sharing with you an induction technique that I came up with one day when I was looking at the fear of dogs and trying to explore another way of breaking through the fear. So in this article we will be looking at ‘Using The Hypnotic Drawing Induction To Breakthrough The Fear Of Dogs’ and how by expressing ourselves through drawing we can actually remove in some cases the ‘stuck’ thoughts in our heads and be a little freer to move forwards.

Well I know you are all rearing to go and eagerly wanting to know what this whole weird and crazy process possibly involves. Well this technique has been inspired by a TV programme I watched a while ago about people who suffer from PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and they found that these people had experienced atrocious acts of violence, as you could imagine working in a war zone. These guys to cut a long story short found they could get rid of their mental garbage and frustrations far easier by expressing themselves through drawing paintings of their experiences. The wonderful thing was the therapist used art as a form of therapy, and a way for these PTSD suffers to offload themselves from their day-to-day mental turmoil. In fact quite a few of the sufferers had mentioned that they really found this therapy a life saver.

However I don’t want to talk about that, and instead lets bring ourselves back to the fear of dogs, and how you can enjoy this amazing process for yourself and, be sure to leave a comment below telling me what you thought of this process. Art works so well because it relaxes us, it unwinds us, it allows us to just be us, and express ourselves without fear of being judged or criticised by others. When we look at this process with the fear of dogs the key thing for you to remember is to allow yourself to relax and enjoy the wonderful enjoyable experience it presents for you.
You excited, I sure am!! Lets get stuck into this process and see what we can achieve.

Step 1:
Take a few minutes to relax and focus on your breathing in and out. As you begin to relax just open a door in your stomach or chest area and allow any feelings of the day to leave. Just allow your mind to quiet down. If you feel particularly heavy and mentally active then just say to yourself ‘Quiet mind’ in a gentle almost reassuring way. As you relax deeper down you can begin to enjoy the wonderful benefits of taking time out for yourself. I wonder how far you decide to relax today, and how deep your willing to go into a deeper more relaxed state of hypnosis right now hmm…

Step 2: Do you remember when you where at school in the art class, and sometimes you got a chance to draw pictures of objects, or experiences. Sometimes when you drew a picture you were so engrossed in the picture that time and space seemed to disappear, your breathing got slower and slower and more and more relaxed, to the point you felt as though you could just float into a deeper relaxing feeling, and a part of you began to wonder how deeply relaxed you could go, and you began to lose yourself in your own world of peace and calmness, free to draw away and free to express yourself in a way that was right for you. It sometimes felt when you were drawing like you were floating on a warm relaxing cloud, as you just allowed yourself to draw and draw away. What wonderful pictures you drew back then, what talent you had to allow your mind to relax enough, to enjoy drawing. I wonder how much of those good experiences you remember now?

Step 3: As you begin to relax even more, you imagine a nice big sheet of blank paper in front of you. Next to the paper are a mixture of paints, crayons; all in different colors, so many beautiful and relaxing colors. As you begin to choose the right colors for you and place the paper in the right way for you to start drawing, you begin to draw a picture of a friendly dog. This dog is totally of your creation, and you begin to draw the dog using lots of different colors. Some of the colors might not be what a real dog looks like, but this is your drawing, and as you decide what color the dog is, you begin to relax and absorb this opportunity to relax and ease into the feeling of drawing. I can only begin to imagine what your drawings must look like, but I particularly wonder how relaxing this is for you. As you begin to draw and use lots of colors to draw your dog, something very funny happens, which I’m sure you would like to know. This dog that your drawing looks so relaxing and beautiful, so friendly and lifelike, as you begin to add more detail, you begin to feel a connection with your drawing, and allow yourself to relax into the idea that dogs can be as beautiful as your picture is now, because this dog your drawing can be any dog, and any dog could be this dog, couldn’t it? Maybe you begin to hear the dog talking to you and telling you in the right way how much it appreciates you, how thankful it is to you for creating this opportunity to relax, and as you relax this dog begins to relax.

Step 4: Enjoy this process of really taking the time to know your dog, to imagine talking to it. Imagine the amazing possibility of being okay with your dog, what would you do with this dog? Where would you go? What is this dog saying to you? It might seem that this dog is very real now, as you enjoy this relaxing and engaging process of understanding that dogs really can be friendly, and as you prove this to yourself now, you can further relax and enjoy adding even more detail to your picture and even more colours. You may find that your imagination begins to wander away with your dog, and you can begin to open up to the possibility of enjoying how relaxing it is to be with your dog, the dog you created and drew. Isn’t it wonderful to know that you are noticing such incredible insights that; I can only begin to imagine what those positive beliefs must be, how must it feel to absorb the notion that dogs are so playful, and friendly, don’t you think they are almost like a small child who needs that reassurance, and as you created this dog, it looks up to you for guidance, and peace.

Step 5: As you spend all the time you need to enjoy this experience and soak up all those wonderful feelings of peace and calmness with your dog, you can be proud of yourself today for taking the time to create a meaningful change in your life, and this change can happen in the perfect way for you at the perfect time for you.

Step 6: In a few minutes I shall count from 1-5 and on the count of 5 you will emerge fully refreshed and at peace with dogs…. So as I count 1 begin to notice aspects of the environment before you entered this relaxing trance.. As I count 2 begin to allow any feelings of lightness and numbness to return to their true and correct perspective.. As I count 3 you can begin to allow any sounds or sensations to return to how they were before entering trance.. As I count 4 you can bring with you all the wonderful learnings you need and that are right for you, and can allow yourself to enjoy the company of dogs when it is right for you.. And finally when I count to 5 begin to open your eyes and emerge now, that’s it open your eyes, open your eyes. And welcome back to you.

Well there you have it, ‘Using The Hypnotic Drawing Induction To Breakthrough The Fear Of Dogs’. I hope you enjoyed that experience, and I hope to hear how you thought that went for you. Till next time, I wish you well, look after yourselves

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