10 Ways to Handle Stress of Taking Exams

This post is dedicated to all those people out there studying hard for exams and working really hard. I can remember the days when I had to study and work really hard to get through my GSCE’s and A-Levels, and who said that exams are getting easier, hey??

So in this post I would like to share with you a few tips to help you get over exam stress. I’m going to include 2 awesome YouTube videos for you to use, the first one just guides you through a simple exercise to get over stress quickly, and the second is a quick hypnotic session you can listen to, which comes out this Thursday on the blog…

When we are studying hard we cram all this information into our heads, and it’s no wonder that we get stressed. With so much pressure and so much to learn things can get pretty mad and crazy can’t it?? Well, thankfully it’s really easy to let go of your exam stress. The videos will help, but simply making a decision to face your stress, and making that decision or intention to be free from your stress will take you a long way in getting over exam stress.

Here are some quick tips to help you out:

Plan out your day. Ideally when we are studying it is best to have a set period of time, we are all different, but what I can say is working hours and hours straight is definitely unproductive. Keep it short, simple and sweet.

After you have learnt something, recap it and write out what you learnt. The more you write it out, the more you are creating a strong connection between your mind and your memory.

Turn off that music, noisy music generally doesn’t help you focus, although some people believe that having classical music playing can help. I believe that if your mind is quiet, it is focused and ready to do the job you need. Quiet mind=Powerful mind, remember that!!

Take regular breaks and really step away from what you are doing. Go out into the garden, do some exercise, just detune yourself and relax.

Don’t over-analyse and think things through. Know that you have learnt all you need, and that all the information you have learnt will be there on instant recall just as soon as you are ready, and when you need it.

In the exam, when you come across a hard question, don’t panic, just take a few deep breaths in and out, re-focus and then proceed. When you are agitated and panicky, your mind begins to get stressed and it can’t think clearly. Relax and breathe, you know the answer!!

Use hypnosis. Watch the 2 YouTube videos. Video 1 helps you get rid of stress in the moment with regular practice. Video 2 walks you through a nice quick hypnotic session that I think you will like.

The most important of all. See yourself and feel yourself doing well in the exam. Really imagine every single detail working out. See yourself getting easy questions, notice how easy it is to answer those questions. Really feel like it is happening right now in this moment. How confident would you feel? How relaxed would you be when you know you are doing well?? Be it and sense it NOW!!!

Don’t fight your fear, or your fear will fight you. Take it from me!! The best thing to do is RELAX, FOCUS on your breathing, WATCH those thoughts playing in your mind, and just imagine that these thoughts are just a broken record playing. I like to get my clients to imagine a whiteboard in front of them and write their negative beliefs on that, or imagine writing their negative beliefs on a sheet of paper, play around with that idea!! Then you just erase those negative thoughts and pictures. On the whiteboard just rub them away, on the sheet of paper, just tear it all up, and notice how relaxed and calm you are.

Get a goal in site. Have a goal or intention that you want to achieve in these exams. Maybe it’s getting all A’s abd B’s, maybe it’s being able to answer the questions easily and effortlessly. When you have your goal, relax, breathe, and imagine that goal coming true. Keep repeating those positive beliefs and believe them to be true.

So that’s it for this blog post. Hope these tips help you out.

See below for YouTube video 1 where I walk you through a quick exercise to get over your stress that you are experiencing in the moment. This Thursday stay tuned for part 2, and video 2,but I know that you probably want to get your hands on the video before Thursday, and that is good. Just go to my YouTube channel, and you will see it there.

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