5 Reasons to Speak Without Fear

Public speaking is a common stress for millions of people. Many of us would like to never speak in public, but for some that is hard to do. At some point in time, we will need to speak in front of large numbers of people to get certain tasks accomplished. And if we want to be leaders and achieve major milestones in life, we will often speak to small and large groups of people.

Speaking in public DOES NOT HAVE TO BE STRESSFUL! If you take the time to understand the hidden causes of public speaking phobia, speaking in front of can be a fun and satisfying experience. So why do millions of people suffer from this phobia? And what does it take to overcome this irrational fear?

5 Reasons Not to Fear Speaking in Public

Reason #1 – Public Speaking has to be Stressful
Life is inherently stressful! Therefore, public speaking MUST be stressful – it’s part of life. This is one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves.

Thousands of individuals speak in front of small and large groups but that doesn’t mean their knees to shake, voices tremble, heart begins to race, and thoughts get jumbled. Yet, somehow, these people manage to block the fear of speaking in public and eliminate the fear.

With the right approach, anyone can conquer the fear of speaking in public – you can too! It’s not difficult. But you need the right plan and determination to tackle the problem.

Reason #2 – You Don’t Have to be a Rocket Scientist
How often does this cross your mind during a seminar, executive presentation or sales pitch – “WOW! I could never do that – that speaker is so witty, calm and polished!” The truth is you don’t need to be perfect to be great at speaking in public. Your audience is looking for value – not your jokes, good looks or charm. They want to be able to walk away knowing they learnt something new that can boost their career, life and wealth!

You don’t need to understand quantum physics and molecular formulas to deliver a great experience.

Reason #3 – You Are Not a Public Speaker
If we consider ourselves a public speaker – we have inherently added stress to life! When we engage in public speaking, we form distorted and exaggerated ideology. As a result, we spend too much energy desperately emulating characteristics of of speakers we think are successful. So, we end up trying to be someone else instead of ourselves! That, is not what public speaking is about.

Give yourself the power to be yourself in front of people and you will discover the joy of public speaking. Bottom line, don’t try to become a public speaker. But be someone who enjoys speaking in public. As you build confidence, your natural wittiness, sense of humor will start to feel natural.

Don’t be surprised that someone in your audience, someday, comes up to you and tells you “I wish I could speak like you someday!”

Reason #4 – Do Not Try to Control Your Audience
Some public speakers will tell you that you succeed you need to control your audiences’ behavior. Can you imagine how much work that is if you are presenting to a room of 50 people? That’s a LOT of behaviors! It’s impossible. If someone in your audience is distracted, or whispering to their neighbor, falling asleep…you get the idea – leave them alone. You have plenty of others who are paying attention to you – focus on those people.

When you try to control others, you will add stress into your life – because people do not like to controlled. This holds true for groups as well as friends, family, children and acquaintances.

Reason #5 – Your Audience is On Your Side
The people who showed up to hear you speak truly want you to succeed. They want to learn something from you. They want to hear what you have to say about the project. But they also have the same fear you do – fear of speaking in public. So they empathize with you – knowing the risk of embarrassment, and possible failure you face each time you speak.

A minor slip of the tongue (even CEOs), as major as it appears to you, is quite meaningless to your audience. You may even find the audience unphased by the slip because you are adding value and giving them the information they are here for. You are your biggest critic – and your audience is usually more lenient than you think.

Practice, Practice, Practice
Just keep throwing yourself into the speaking arena. What is the best way to practice? Go out and looking for opportunities to speak in public. Join a local Toastmasters Group to meet other people and get support. Take a community college course in public speaking if you need.

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