How to Overcome Fear of Heights with Natural Remedies

Seeing the majesty of a location such as the Grand Canyon is manageable for many when they are viewing postcards and photos, but the grandeur of the canyon can overwhelm the senses, and the fear of heights(Acrophobia) can cause fear to flood emotions leaving an individual ill equipped to manage the onslaught of an adrenaline-laced fear response.

There are ways to manage this fear that draw upon nature itself to lessen the impact of the more intense moment. The following natural remedies may be useful in controlling the fear you may experience when you encounter heights.


  1. Your best natural remedy is yourself. You can determine how to respond to your fear. This can include deciding how you will respond to the initial stages of fears. You do this by accepting logic over emotion as the basis for first response. You do this by shifting the focus on your mind from fear to something else. This can be something as simple as counting or thinking of a time, place or person that distracts you from giving in to the fear response.

  2. Make relaxation your ally, but only in certain instances. Relaxation is a great technique to keep you calm prior to a panic attack. This technique can allow you to gain a greater sense of personal centeredness. However, if you are actually experiencing a panic attack then relaxation may not be the best idea. The reason for this is when panic attacks occur your body is flooded with adrenaline. The best way to eliminate the excess level of this hormone is to actually become active. Go for a walk, ride a bike or engage in other forms of exercise.

  3. Switch to decaff. The presence of caffeine in your system can amplify the symptoms of a panic attack. When you find yourself experiencing the fear of heights you don’t needed the added push of caffeine. Decreasing the instance of stimulating foods and drink can provide great benefit when fear triggers hit.

  4. Nature itself provides an answer. The earth provides a variety of herbs that have proven effective in treating many different health concerns including anxiety issues such as the fear of heights. Consider these herbal remedies:

    Augustifolia – This herb is used as a relaxant in spa therapy treatments and is used as a calming substance in a variety of herbal teas.

    Chamomile – Well known for its soothing comfort in tea this herb is often used as a sleep aid.

    Lavandula – This is an essence of lavender and is useful in aromatherapy that aids in creating a relaxed atmosphere.

    Melissa Officinalis – Commonly referred to as Lemon Balm this herbal extract also provides exceptional calming properties. It also has been shown to improve the mood of those who use this herbal remedy for phobic response.

    Passiflora Incarnata – Used in treating nervous disorders and insomnia. It can be placed in tea, used in the making of jellies and even chewing gum. In mast cases this passion flower extract results in decreased anxiety.

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