Fear Of Skin Diseases And Lesions

The fear of skin diseases and lesions is known as Dermatophobia. Many nasty conditions can afflict the skin, the body’s largest organ…when fears of contracting a skin condition affect daily life, this phobia can develop.

Reasons For This Phobia

There are many triggers for this condition, not least of which is the skin lesions that are often indicative of AIDS or HIV. Kaposi’s Sarcoma causes lesions on the face which are both unsightly and very dangerous.

Often, the psychological pain and suffering of those with AIDS is made worse by the appearance of tell-tale lesions in a place that cannot be hidden or covered up. Luckily, treatment for this once-deadly virus has come a long way, and today’s sufferers can expect to receive care that allows them to fight the virus over the long term.

Today, deaths from AIDS (in developed countries) are much rarer…however, in poorer countries like Africa, there is still much to be done in terms of providing the right medicines to men, women, and children who suffer from skin lesions and other symptoms.

Other Triggers

For centuries, skin afflictions have been the red flag for certain STDs (venereal diseases). Syphilis and other diseases often manifest themselves in the skin, causing rashes and red-brown spots, sometimes on the hands and feet. However, in modern times, diseases like these are fully curable.

If you suspect you may have a rash or skin condition that is caused by an STD, don’t wait to get tested. Shame and fear can hole people back from seeking out necessary treatment. The sooner you take control and get tested, the sooner you will be able to get rid of the problem.

Not All Skin Diseases Are Serious

Not all skin diseases are deadly: some are merely uncomfortable and a great nuisance. For example, common and irritating skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis cause intense itching, dryness, and redness. These disorders can be chronic and difficult to control.

Anti-inflammatory topical cortisteroids and other holistic treatments have been used with some success, but steroids tend to thin the skin, and they can’t be used too much. Alternative therapies are often of some help here: changes in diet, elimination diets (to avoid allergy-triggering foods) and warm rather than hot water for cleansing can all help alleviate symptoms.

People who fear skin diseases and lesions may have a tendency to overdo cleansing and be too overzealous about using anti-bacterial lotions etc. In some cases, removing the skin’s natural barrier of oils can actually make the problem worse. Mild soaps like Dove are often better options than harsh detergents etc.

Ways To Cope

If you suffer from Dermatophobia, be sure to consult with a doctor who can refer you to a dermatologist. Educating yourself and getting your skin checked out may provide more peace and a sense of relief. If you are too afraid to go to the doctor, seek out online panic treatment or traditional psychotherapy to get at the root of your fears.

Sometimes, phobias can cause dizziness, malaise, and intense anxiety. It’s important to educate yourself about skin diseases and how they are transmitted. Through enhanced knowledge, you can gain proper perspective and protect yourself more effectively.

The fear of skin diseases and lesions is also referred to as:

  • skin disease fear
  • lesion phobia
  • afraid of skin diseases
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