Fear Of Food

This common phobia can have serious consequences. The fear of food is known as Cibophobia, and it can trigger health problems, psychological issues, and emotional upheaval.

Fearing food is not normal. After all, as human beings, we need food to sustain our lives. It provides us with nourishment that is vital to our health and longevity. When Cibophobia develops, a person may begin to experience a very unhealthy relationship with food. There are many, many reasons why this phobia develops, and most of them will be addressed here.

Food Allergies Can Be Fatal

The most common reason for fearing food is a severe allergy. In some cases, allergies to certain foods may even be fatal. If someone has a peanut allergy, they may experience a dangerous swelling up of their airway if peanut products are ingested. They can die rapidly without emergency assistance. Certain foods, such as shellfish, are also known to cause this reaction. For people with potentially fatal allergies, avoiding the source of danger can become an obsession. And who can blame them for developing Cibophobia?

The second big trigger for the fear of food is related to weight. Someone who fears obesity or simply being a little overweight may become phobic about food. Food will be a temptation that, in their own minds, leads to ruin. Today’s magazines and TV shows celebrate actresses’ and model’s fear of food: society seems to reward the very thin.

Often, actresses work out for many hours of the day, develop disorders such as anorexia or bulimia (binge and purge) because they feel pressured to maintain an unrealistic body shape. Of course, when interviewed about their diet and exercise routines, they will pretend their extreme slimness is due to genetics, yoga, etc. The dirty secret of the beauty and entertainment industries is that many models and actresses go to dangerous extremes to stay thin: abusing drugs like Adderall, cocaine, and meth is not unheard of: it just isn’t discussed in the mainstream media.

Many people who aren’t celebrities may look at pictures of impossibly thin stars and start to question their eating habits. This can be the first domino to fall in the development of Cibophobia. Understanding that Hollywood stars are unusually slim will help: so will any efforts to balance nutrition and exercise without going overboard.

Eating Disorders And Cibophobia

Tackling eating disorders can be tough, but it can be done. Remember, your body needs certain things. You stress out your organs and all the systems of your body when you don’t eat enough. In certain cases, such as advanced anorexia, people die from starvation. They also experience loss of regular menstrual periods, hair loss, receding hairline, dry skin, and emaciation. Remember, being thinner may not be the beauty aid you think it will.

Women and men can suffer from this phobia. Our Western culture has become increasingly fixated on leanness, even though most average people are not anywhere near the perceived ideal. Lately, manorexia has become more prevalent, especially in young men. Identity issues and self-esteem problems are common among young people. Being bombarded with images of lean models and actors can be a psychological assault that leads to Cibophobia.

People may also fear foods because they are forbidden due to religion. Other may be repulsed by flesh foods, because they are vegan or vegetarian. Still others may be put off by dairy products, etc. There are so many reasons why this phobia can occur. Treatment should include medical attention for eating disorders, if they are present. Panic treatment can help the phobic person deal with their symptoms and emotions.

The fear of food is also referred to as:

  • food fear
  • food phobia
  • afraid of food
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