Fear Of Peanut Butter Sticking To The Roof Of Your Mouth

This unusual phobia is know as Arachibutyrophobia. Although the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth is a rare one, it may occur more often than you think.

Reasons For This Fear

Peanut butter features a unique texture, rendering sticky and glutinous. It can become attacked to the roof of the mouth quite easily. Every brand of peanut butter has its own viscosity and thickness, and some brands may be stickier than others. Some people who enjoy the taste and protein-rich qualities of peanut butter may become put off by the sensation of having the roof of their mouth coated in the substance.

Panic Can Result

There can be a feeling of suffocation or panic when peanut butter sticks to the roof of the mouth. Getting it off with the tongue can be difficult and unpleasant. People with this phobia report feelings of unease, and even difficulty in breathing normally, when they have the gooey product stuck to the roof of their mouth. They may feel disgusted and dirty when they can’t scrape the peanut butter off. People with Arachibutyrophobia will be prone to eat products with peanut butter as carefully as possible, taking tiny bites to avoid any problems. Many will swear off peanut butter entirely.

Peanut Butter Is Such A Popular Choice In America

In America, peanut butter is practically a national food. It is very American, along with cheeseburgers, Coca-Cola, and old-fashioned Southern barbecue. For many people with this phobia, it can be annoying and irritating to have to forego the sweetened spread on sandwiches, crackers, and other treats. They may wish there was something they could do to avoid getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of their mouth.

Dealing With This Phobia

Some people with Arachibutyrophobia will opt for crunchy peanut butter, over traditional smooth formulations. They will find the particles of peanuts that make crunchy peanut butter so distinctive also help to keep it from adhering to the roof of the mouth. Others will add jelly or jam to their sandwiches, etc., in order to change the texture and make it less sticky. Certain companies produce a ready-made mixture of peanut butter and jelly, making it easier for consumers to avoid any of the problems that plain peanut butter can cause.

Can you love Peanut Butter again?

Organic, sugar-free peanut butter can also have a different texture. Some will require stirring with a spoon, to mix natural oils with the product. Experimenting with different types of peanut butter to see which sticks the least will be a great strategy for phobic people who actually enjoy the taste of peanut butter, but fear the stickiness.

Taking in a lot of fluids while earing peanut butter may help to loosen any stickiness before it has a chance to accumulate on the roof of the mouth. Water or sugar-free liquids may also aid digestion. Hot fluids such as tea will be the most effective, cleansing the mouth after each bite.

Brushing your teeth or gargling after eating peanut butter can also be beneficial, although it will be harder to do when you choose peanut butter sandwiches while you’re on the go. A travel toothbrush and paste can help to reassure someone with this phobia that they can clean up and remove sticky peanut butter wherever there is access to a public washroom.


Avoiding peanut butter is an easy thing to do, and many people with Arachibutyrophobia will consider this imperative. Generally, the fear of getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth will not interfere too much with daily life. However, if it gets out of control, speaking to a therapist can help a lot.

Other Names For The Fear Of Getting Peanut Butter Stuck To The Roof Of Your Mouth

Fear of Peanut Butter

Fear of Sticky Peanut Butter

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