Fear of a Particular Fabric

We all have fabrics that we really like. For instance you may prefer silk of flannel sheets over traditional cotton. Some fabrics provide a pleasant experience. However, there are fabrics that elicit a completely different reaction. One touch of this fabric can cause profound fear. This condition is known as Textophobia.

This experience may not be significantly different from that of food. There may be textures of food that cause either a gag reflex or perhaps even vomiting. In the case of both food and fabric you will avoid the offending object as if it were the plague.

What Causes Textophobia?

Would you believe me if I were to say that this fear could be caused by something as simple as a rug burn or a rash from constant pressure against the skin? It can.

In your past there may have been something like wool clothing that you were expected to wear.  If you knew that your skin would itch or become inflamed anytime you came in contact with a certain type of fabric it is possible that you obsessed about avoiding the fabric and by continuing to obsess about something you despised you may have come to a place of fear in relation to the a particular fabric.

As with most fears it is possible the fear ‘rubs off’ from someone we trust and respect. This could be a parent, guardian, neighbor or even teacher. Their struggle with an issue (yes, even fabric fear) could cause us to believe that there is something to fear with a certain type of fabric.

Symptoms of Textophobia

While a textophobe may not run from someone wearing the fabric type they are afraid of they will be highly uncomfortable and will avoid contact with the fabric at all cost.

Other symptoms may also include…

  • Air hunger
  • Trembling
  • The feeling of being violated
  • Nausea
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Panic attack
  • Crying
  • Loss of control

Sometimes just the touch of the cloth can take a person to a time and place where the fear first began. This is often why others may view the phobic personality as irrational. These individuals may not be able to control their aversion without help.

How to Overcome Textophobia

Since this phobia may be linked to a personally traumatic moment in time the act of overcoming this phobia may be helped by accepting the assistance of a qualified therapist.

No one wants to experience the panic and fear that can accompany Textophobia. There may even be a sense of embarrassment in knowing that the touch or texture of fabric can elicit such a dramatic and visual reaction. Finding out why the fear exists can be extremely helpful in coming to terms with the fear and then dealing with it each time the phobia attempts to take over again.

Too often phobic personalities cling tightly to the fear instead of channeling that energy into positively combating their fear while engaging in a season of personal healing. There is help.

The fear of a particular fabric is also referred to as:

  • Fabric fear
  • Textophobia
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