Fear of Falling or Being in Love

There is a general sense of euphoria when an individual recognizes they are in love. This is made all the more ‘wonderful’ when the other person expresses a similar point of view. The troubling part of this scenario is when an individual fears the prospect of romantic love or involvement. This can turn the ‘wonderful’ moment into a fear called Philophobia.

It may sound peculiar to fear falling or being in love, but the primary reason this is a problem for some people is that the emotional roller coaster you can experience in the midst of this progression may convince you that you have lost control. Perhaps more than anything else this is the feeling those who fear try to avoid most. They like to maintain a strict handle on their emotions, behaviors and environment. When something comes along that circumvents their control it becomes a very difficult time for the phobic personality.

What Causes Philophobia?

This fear is a bit unusual in that most people want to be loved and to express love, but the vulnerability in the loss of control makes it almost impossible for the phobic personality to gain even a small measure of comfort in the ‘fall’.

The fear may be due to something observed in a family member or friend. It could be related to something observed or enforced by a parent or guardian that has morphed into a slightly distorted view of life.

It may be hard for others to understand, but the emotional struggle face by those with this fear is not remarkably different than a military officer facing torture. There may not be any physical issues involved, but the mental anguish is very strong.

Symptoms of Philophobia

Conflicted emotions can be a real problem with this fear. On the one hand they can experience a momentary sense of exhilaration when they think of the prospects of giving and receiving love. They can then become overwhelmed by the fears associated with what the previous emotions imply. This cycle can be incredibly draining on this phobic personality.

Other symptoms include…

  • Dizziness
  • Air hunger
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Trembling
  • Weeping
  • Panic Attacks
  • Dry mouth
  • Rapidly changing emotions
  • An urge to flee

The fear experienced in this phobia is one of the more powerfully emotional. We all experience the sense of awe and fear, but for the phobic individual the issues are much more pronounced and debilitating.

How to Overcome Philophobia

This fear may require therapy that not only deals with phobias, but relationships. The fear you experience affects not only your own life, but also the life of the one you are either falling in love with or who may be falling in love with you. This will require some logical education in the area of relationships, but may require a retraining of the brain to deal with fear stimulation that may come more frequently than you want.

The fear of falling or being in love is also referred to as:

  • Love fear
  • Fear of emotional connection
  • Philophobia
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