Fear Of Feces

Feces is the natural by-product of the digestive system. While it is viewed as unpleasant by most people, they do not have a phobia with regard to its presence in their lives: however, some people with Coprophobia will have an aversion to feces that is intense and persistent.

Why Do People Develop This Phobia?

There is not much to like about feces. It is simply part of life for most people, and something everyone has to put up with. From changing dirty diapers, to dealing with our own digestive ailments and complaints…there is rarely a sense of pleasure when we focus on feces. This ill-smelling substance is the subject of countless bad jokes and punchlines…it is a part of the human (and animal) condition.

When someone fears feces, they will find many triggers in their daily life that exacerbate their phobia. From doggy doo in a park, to dirty diapers and public washrooms…people with the fear of feces will find the world to be full of annoying and upsetting triggers. There is really no escaping triggers, since our own bodies produce excrement on a daily basis.

Health Problems A Trigger?

Sometimes, people with this phobia may have troubles with their eliminative system that make them prone to worry about, and loathe, feces. Frequent bouts of diarrhea or constipation can be powerful triggers for Copraphobia. The sight of feces in a public bathroom or diaper can also cause great upset and anxiety. In some cases, people with this phobia will avoid being around babies and small children, because they cannot face the idea of cleaning up the baby or child after an “accident”. When Coprophobia gets in the way of normal parenthood or social activities, it can harm a person’s quality of life.

People who have very sensitive senses of smell may be more prone to feelings of revulsion and avoidance when they are forced to be around feces. They will recoil from the sight and smell of the substance. Of course, most normal people do recoil from feces: there is not much to enjoy here. Aside from a few strange types who actually enjoy “scat” or feces, and even go so far as to incorporate it into their sexual play, there are few fans of “poop”.

Our society is very image-conscious, and many people are ashamed of the processes of their own bodies. People with this phobia will report fearing having a bowel movement in a public place, such as an office washroom. They will become phobic about having their bowel movements in private, so no-one knows what they are doing. For these people, disgust at their own bodies and what they do can be a symptom of poor self-esteem.

Stomach and bowel problems can also be triggers. When someone suffers from an irritable bowel, or irregularity, they will associate feces with pain and suffering. Often, they may feel powerless and humiliated when faced with their health problems.

How To Cope

A healthy diet, exercise, and hydration, as well as a doctor’s care, can go a long way to dealing with fears. However, panic treatment or therapy may be a good idea here, since avoiding the source of stress is impossible.

h3>The fear of feces is also referred to as:

  • feces fear
  • afraid of feces
  • feces phobia
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