Fear of Female Genitalia

The act of sexual intercourse is generally viewed as pleasurable, and is necessary for procreation. The experience is generally considered desirable and welcoming. There are, however, some who find the female genitalia to be a source of profound fear. This fear is known as Eurotophobia.

There really are several reasons why this fear exists and why the issue remains a problem for both men and women.

What Causes Eurotophobia?

It is possible you may think that some men might fear female genitalia simply because it is foreign to their own understanding of genitals. While there may be some who do feel this way the actual fear is more widespread than you may realize.

Sometimes new doctors discover a fear of female genitals when they work through a rotation in obstetrics. Sometimes that which is uncomfortable easily becomes a phobic response. There’s no specific documentation on the number of doctors that struggle with this, but there indications that some would-be physicians will quit medical school over the issue.

In some countries parents fear for their daughters sexual purity and may resort to genital mutilation on their daughters to effectively force them to remain chaste until they are married. This can result in lifelong sexual health issues.

Some women will self-mutilate when they fear their own genitals. The result is often scarring, pain in urination, menstruation issues as well as issues that may cause problems in child birth. Since avoidance is impossible those who have this phobia will often resort to exercising some form of control over what they fear most. The end result is often damage and health consequences. The cause of this fear may be tied to a childhood where the emphasis was on the idea that sexual encounters are, “dirty”. This can lead girls to see this part of their bodies as disgusting and may cause their self-esteem to plummet.

The Symptoms of Eurotophobia

Those with this fear will be overly reluctant to be in close proximity to women. The idea of so many who have the features they fear can cause significant panic attacks and may result in extreme social anxiety.

Other symptoms may also include….

  • Trembling
  • Avoidance
  • Air hunger
  • Elevated heart rates
  • Nausea
  • Disgust
  • Anger
  • Elevated heart rates

Many who have this fear already know they are the minority in relation to those who have this fear and this only serves to heighten their anxiety level because they do not view their own actions as normal, but seem helpless to control their response.

How to Overcome Eurotophobia

It can be easy to simply gloss over the issues that surround your fear. It can be easy to think you are all alone. If you struggle with this fear you should know that there are professionals ready to help.

Your regular physician can help you understand the actual use and benefits of the female genitalia while a therapist can help you come to terms with the fear you may experience. Knowledge and brain retraining can be a huge step in coming to terms with Eurotophobia.

The fear of female genitalia is also referred to as:

  • Female genitalia fear
  • Vaginal fear
  • Eurotophobia
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