Fear Of Going To School – Didaskaleinophobia

The fear of school is a common phobia that can appear for a variety of reasons. While most students feel some trepidation about attending school when exams and projects are scheduled,the person who suffers from Didaskaleinophobia will feel intense, persistent anxiety when faced with the idea of attending classes each day.

Are You Afraid Of Going To School?

The fear of going to school can be very painful for children and adolescents who are not yet mature enough to understand and analyze their emotions. Sometimes children fear school for valid reasons: they may suffer from teasing or other forms of bullying that cause mental anguish and tremendous sadness. In some cases, children can feel persecuted for things they cannot control while they are on school grounds.

Some children simply lack whatever X factor it is that contributes to popularity and attractiveness. As well, certain children may be too different from others for a variety of other reasons. Sometimes, children are very bright and find it hard to mesh with others. Conversely, they may suffer from learning disabilities or behavioral problems that hinder their smooth integration into the school system.

You May Be Depressed, But There Is Hope

If you fear school, or know someone who does, you must examine the reasons why this phobia exists. If your fear of school is rooted in social anxiety, there is help available for you. Don’t assume that you will feel this way forever. Your despair can end with treatment, therapy, and the understanding of your parents or guardian. If you find yourself having dark thoughts, such as suicidal ideation (a longing for suicide without a specific plan) you must realize that you are clinically depressed. Your brain is not working properly because of the stress you have been under. A doctor can help you find the light at the end of the tunnel: it is always there. If you do have a plan for suicide, call a children’s help line right away. There is currently a help line at: National Suicide Hot Line: 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) . Or simply call 911 right away, they will be able to help you.

As well, changing schools is often a possibility. Always remember that other people have gone through what you are experiencing, and emerged to become highly successful and happy adults. This fear of school is painful, but school will end some day. Finding someone to talk to about your fears is the best thing you can do.

Pressure To Succeed Can Trigger This Phobia

Some fear of school is not because of social difficulties or bullying. Often, it comes as a result of academic stress. Now, more than ever, children and adults who attend schools feel competition and pressure. In order to gain entrance to colleges or universities, good exam scores and overall performance are important. Some students become phobic when the pressure gets to be too much. You must voice your concerns about your fear of school to someone kind, someone who is sympathetic. Don’t bottle up all of your stress and your emotions, as that is very bad for you. Phobias can be a red flag, a way for the mind to recognize that repair and change are needed. Take the cue from your phobia and find a way to treat your fears if they are affecting your life.

While our Fear of Stuff website does not endorse any specific course of treatment, or even getting treatment at all (unless you want to), we also know how hard growing up can be. If your Didaskaleinophobia is keeping you up at night and causing troublesome symptoms such as intense anxiety, heart palpitations, nausea, and a sense of doom or profound sadness, you should seek help. A simple visit to the doctor or even a pastor or trusted friend can be so healing for you. Please be positive and look ahead! You can conquer this fear, and time will assist you in putting any bad memories where they belong – in the past.

Today, there are many medications available to ease anxiety. Depending on your age and other factors, you may be a candidate for anti-depressants. It’s important to take the first step and talk to someone who will understand. Your fear of school is important, and you should share your feelings about attending school with someone you trust.

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