Fear Of Houses

The fear of houses, or of being in houses, is known as Domatophobia. For those who suffer from this affliction, houses can seem oppressive or dangerous…

Reasons For This Phobia

Most people are familiar with Agoraphobia, or the fear of the marketplace. However, the opposite phobia, the fear of being in houses, is less commonly known. For most, being inside a house provides a feeling of warmth and security, and this is why many people describe their homes as “nests” or “havens”. For the person who fears being in a house, there can be different reasons for their anxieties, including claustrophobia or even a fear of the house being haunted.

Are Haunted Houses A Trigger?

Today, many television programs feature paranormal activity inside of houses. A & E is one network that really focuses on the idea of haunted houses, and they show spooky footage that reinforces the idea that houses can indeed by occupied by spirits, whether malevolent or friendly. For some impressionable people, this sort of “presence” can make houses seem terrifying. The slightest creak or rustle of curtains can trigger fears which might be considered irrational by most.

People who aren’t afraid of haunted houses may still dread being in a house, mostly because they feel trapped or closed in. Active people who have been housebound due to injury or illness may be more prone to develop Domatophobia, because being at home represents a loss of freedom and agility. As well, the elderly may also hate staying in houses, usually because they do not have the same ability to get around outside that they once did. Emotions can play a role in this phobia: many times, the “house” will become a symbol for feelings of depression or helplessness.

Poverty Can Also Exacerbate This Phobia

The type of house the person fears can be quite telling: sometimes, poverty can be a trigger here. People who live in houses are in disrepair or inadequate in size can become quite emotional about their residence. They may develop negative emotions that surface whenever they are inside, staring at the walls that surround them. Generally, fear of fancy or luxurious houses is more rare, but it isn’t unheard of. As stated earlier, there is usually a deeper emotional reason for the phobia.

Symptoms And Treatment

The symptoms of fear of houses may include an unwillingness to go into stranger’s home, and also a fear of houses in disrepair. Creaking stairs and small rooms may be a cause of consternation for those who suffer from Domatophobia.

Physical malaise and symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and tension are common problems for those who suffer from phobias – treatments such as panic therapy and psychological counseling can ease fears over time.

The fear of houses is also referred to as:

  • afraid of houses
  • house fear
  • house phobia
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