Fear Of Jealousy

Jealousy is a powerful emotion that wreaks great havoc. While jealousy is, in one sense, simply another product of love, it is rarely positive psychologically. It can become like poison that floods the psyche.

Reasons For Zelophobia

Few people experience real passion without also delving into this dark side of desire. Jealousy is something that few people escape entirely. When someone dreads the fear of jealousy in a way that is intense and persistent, they suffer from Zelophobia.

This Phobia Can Cause People To Avoid Relationships

Many people retreat from romantic relationships because of Zelophobia. Previous hurts and previous jealousies have scarred them from within. Rather than risk the same devastating descent into insecurity and rage that jealousy provokes, they choose to abstain from romantic involvement.

It may seem easier for those with this phobia to remove themselves from intimacy and all its inevitable complications. However, going through life without the trials and tribulations of romantic union can be a sort of pale imitation of living. It can be very unhealthy when the fear of jealousy leaves a person too afraid to try again.

Other Reasons For This Fear

In some cases, people may fear jealousy without having previous war wounds (from relationships). They may not be the victims of infidelity, dishonesty, or any of the usual triggers for feelings of jealousy. They may simply sense that severe jealousy will debilitate them emotionally if it does occur. Sensitive people will be alert to their own emotions and their own potential for jealousy. They may seek to remove all triggers for this emotion in the personal life and career.

Other Reasons For Fear Of Jealousy

Jealousy isn’t just about sex and trust with a romantic partner. It rears its ugly head in all areas of existence. Certain personality disorders, such as pathological narcissism, are often fueled by feelings of envy and jealousy that are completely consuming. Narcissists report feeling certain urges to “bring down” or “destroy” the object of their jealousy because they simply cannot bear to watch them being happy. For people such as these, jealousy is linked with the potential for evil acts and destruction.

Narcissists often require treatment for their deep-seated issues, including jealousy. However, some therapists feel that personality disorders cannot be cured.


The symptoms of fear of jealousy are emotional and physical. Feelings of rage, intense sadness, and betrayal are common. Headaches, insomnia, and nausea may result when jealousy does surface. Suicidal ideation can result from uncontrollable jealousy. Some people give in to their rage to such a degree that they harm the person who scorned them. They become much worse than the person who wronged them. If violent impulses result from jealousy, help should be sought right away. You cannot be too careful about seeking help for violent urges.


Treating this phobia requires a change in attitude, and sometimes a change in circumstances. If someone is provoking these feeling in another person, the relationship they share may be toxic for both parties. Women who stay in relationships where men cheat or otherwise create friction that causes jealousy may need psychotherapy. Low self-esteem can cause people of both genders to stay in relationships that do them no good.

Developing the strength to combat the fear of jealousy can be possible with the care of a sensitive therapist who can get at the root of issues connected to jealousy. If jealousy is baseless and irrational, longer-term therapies may be required to fortify the sense of self that is lacking and triggering Zelophobia.

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