Fear Of Justice

The fear of justice is known as Dikephobia. When someone develops a persistent and intense fear of justice, they may fear retribution for some type of criminal activity.

Reasons For This Phobia

People who engage in criminal activities are obviously more likely to suffer from the fear of Justice. Having something to hide, or having a criminal record, can be triggers for this phobia. People who fear justice will feel anxiety when faced with any TV programs featuring courtrooms (such as Judge Judy) or even dramas such as Law and Order. For the person with a fear of justice, there is often a fear of imprisonment or incarceration. The idea of being locked up and controlled can be very off-putting and frightening.

Jails Can Be A Trigger

There are many accounts of jails and what is like to be locked up in them, in all forms of mass media. Newspaper articles about prisons, documentaries, and other such information tends to focus on the considerable downside of being punished by the courts. For some, the fear of justice may even include a fear of Judgment Day. For those with religious faith, the idea of being judged by an omniscient God can be the most terrifying thing of all…

Is A Guilty Conscience A Trigger?

This phobia often reveals a guilty conscience. When no guilt is present, there may be a fear of being falsely accused. The media often tells stories of those who languished for years in jails cells (sometimes even on Death Row) and were later cleared due to advances in DNA or other forensic technology. Sometimes, justice is flawed, and a fundamental distrust of the justice system can be one component of Dikephobia.

Symptoms And Triggers

People with this phobia will exhibit symptoms when faced with triggers. They will feel nervous or anxious around anyone or anything related to the justice system. Policemen and policewomen, judges, court bailiffs, and jail guards are just a few examples of people who will trigger tension and malaise in the afflicted. Buildings and institutions such as courthouses and jails will be avoided by the person with Dikephobia. Fear of justice can be a sign that some changes are necessary in a person’s life. When someone is healthy and free of guilt, they will welcome justice as a natural way of ordering the universe. When they fear justice, it is a signal that something is weighing upon them and creating stress. often, speaking to an impartial counselor or therapist can help to ease fears. Releasing tension by undergoing panic treatment or alternative therapies can also be a great way to cope with the physical and emotional problems cause by the fear of justice.

The fear of Justice is also referred to as:

  • Justice Fear
  • afraid of justice
  • justice phobia
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