Fear Of Prostitutes

In our society, prostitution has always existed, and will probably always exist: not for nothing is the selling of sexual favors known as “the oldest profession”. For those with Cypridophobia, prostitutes (and the diseases they often carry) are a source of loathing and fear.

If you fear prostitutes, there may be a range of reasons why they affect you adversely. For some, the mere idea of paying for sex is unromantic, earthy, and crude. For others, the dangers of the prostitutes marginal lifestyle and the things that often go along with this (such as drug abuse, STD’s, robbery, etc.) make the mere idea of being around hookers deeply off-putting.

In some neighborhoods, ladies of the evening and male prostitutes seem to emerge from the shadows, as soon as the sun goes down: for other areas, even broad daylight is no escape from the lifestyle. If you live in a region plagued by prostitutes, you may be more prone to developing Cypridophobia. The seamy underbelly of society is impossible to ignore when cars slow down, and the people inside begin to barter for sex so openly. Along with an increased crime rate, dangerous refuse, such as condoms and needles (for prostitutes often work to pay for serious drug habits), living in such an area can be like walking through a minefield, where the very worst of human nature is on display. This dark carnival of blatant sexuality and mercenary “johns” can cause symptoms of unease, illness, and revulsion in certain people.

Paying For Sex Is Risky Business

For those who’ve actually paid for sex, and had a bad experience, this phobia can be even more intense. Getting arrested or “busted” while with a hooker can lead to social disgrace, damaged relationships, and much more. Men who have trouble finding sexual pleasure in conventional relationships, for whatever reason, are more prone to seek out the temporary solace and release of paid relationships, but they carry a price. Often, hookers transmit sexual diseases that leave a lasting and painful legacy. There is always a risk inherent in paying for sex. While some people feed on this risk and the “low-brow” element, they may come to regret past indiscretions with prostitutes, who are known to rob their clients, especially when they are drunk or high. Substance abuse and prostitution are close bedfellows, and many a drunken client has woken up to discover his wallet missing. For some, the downside of hiring men or women for sex is a severe deterrent that can trigger this phobia.

People with Cypridophobia may also be sex workers who’ve left the trade, or those who have suffered sexual abuse in the past. The overt nature of prostitution is like a red flag being waved in the face of people who struggle with sexual expression or bad prior sexual experiences. Everywhere in our culture, we are inundated with images of prostitution: in rap videos, “hos” are glamorized, and even today’s most popular music stars seem to wear the tight, high boots and revealing clothing traditionally linked with prostitution. For those who find this immoral and unhealthy, there can be side effects such as nausea, panic, and dizziness. Panic attacks may occur around triggers.

How To Cope

The best way to cope with this phobia is avoidance of triggers, panic treatment, and psychotherapy that gets at the heart of fears and motivations.

The fear of prostitutes is also referred to as:

  • prostitute fear
  • afraid of prostitutes
  • fear of hookers
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