Fear Of War

The fear of war is nothing new. For centuries, citizens of countries all over the world have feared the death, violence and hardship that war brings. Like a grim reaper, the specter of war seems to loom over humanity, promising endless suffering and terror. If you also suffer from the fear of war, you are afflicted with the phobia known as Traumatophobia.

Reasons For The Fear Of War

It’s not hard to ascertain the reasons for this common fear. However, if someone has this phobia and lives in a country that is essentially peaceful, they may have underlying issues that act as a trigger. For example, media coverage of war and destruction in other areas of the globe may contribute to Traumatophobia.

More Information About War Is Available On TV And The Internet

In our world, news travels fast. The immediacy of information transfer offers instant coverage of war and related events (protests, criminal activity). Camera phones and the Internet make it easy to see the awful reality of violent conflict as it happens.

For some, this gritty, realistic coverage can cause nightmares, anxieties, and even compassion that makes the phobic person sad or angry. These responses are quite normal and understandable, but they can become intense and persistent. When they do, it becomes unhealthy.

Fear Of War Can Be Prudent In Some Regions

In war-torn regions, the fear of injury and violence from conflicts is omnipresent. Many parts of the world have been subject to seemingly endless conflicts that cause the death and injuries of many men, women, and children. In places like Africa, tribal wars and pillaging still occur in villages, and forms of ethnic cleansing are, sadly, still ongoing.

Ethnic Cleansing And Violence Are Still Common In Our World

Village massacres in Africa are just one example of the primitive violence that erupts in our world. Butchering the innocent with machetes in the name of power and politics is something out of the Dark Ages, and yet it goes on today. The citizens of these villages live in fear of marauding bandits who kill without compunction or mercy. They have good reason for their Traumatophobia, which is simply a heightened survival instinct.


Terrorism Is A Powerful Trigger For Traumatophobia

Terrorism also triggers the fear of war. By stirring up aggression and tension through acts of heinous violence, terrorists seek to create a climate of fear, hatred, and paranoia. By using the element of surprise to throw the enemy off balance, they create an atmosphere where war seems dangerously close to erupting. Many Americans suffered from Traumatophobia after the Twin Towers were hit by commercial passenger jets on 9/11.

America is not the only country that suffers from acts of terrorism. However, atrocities like the 9/11 killings and the Oklahoma bombing garner immense media coverage worldwide.


At the base of Traumatophobia is the fear of mortality. In times of peace, many of us can forget the harsh realities of human nature. Power struggles and violence seem remote – problems that will never be faced. However, when terrorism or sudden violence erupts, people must deal with the idea that they too can die in conflicts between regions and countries.

People who suffer from Traumatophobia should seek counselling for their fears. It is possible to ease anxiety and the other symptoms of the fear of war by talking to a qualified therapist. If the person with this phobia lives in an area afflicted by violent conflict, then it will be more difficult to soothe their worries. Only the power of protest, political involvement, and democracy can change their lives for the better.

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