Overcome Fear Of Heights Using Hypnosis – Part One

Welcome to this new series all about helping you overcome the fear of heights. Fear of heights is something that affects many of us, and ranks as one of the most commonest fears that we can suffer from. In this post we look at measuring your fear and gradually knocking it out, in part 2 we look at using self-hypnosis to re-wire your mind into being okay with your fear, in part 3 we look at Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as it relates to fear of heights, in part four we take the challenge should you choose to accept it and the final part of this series looks at how I overcame my fear of heights in the moment and contains a really important message that will serve you well.


So let’s look at the first part. The first thing we need to do is understand that fear itself isn’t real. Nothing is going to harm you or hurt you in any way, it’s just that your mind thinks that it needs to protect you or warn you about something, hence the reason you have fear. Fear is just there as our alarm bell, warning us of something we need to take action against. If you study the chart of emotions you’ll notice that fear is a low-level energy, it is negative and unhelpful to us. When you look at the chart of emotions AGFLAP; Apathy, Grief, Fear, Lust, Anger, Pride, Courageousness, Acceptance, Peace you can see that it is in our interest to move to a higher state of operation and action.

When you are in a ‘Can Do’ attitude you are in a positive and more productive mindset aren’t you? Acceptance is even better and in this state you just accept all those fearful thoughts and beliefs without fighting them, without wanting to control them in any way. When you’re in peace you are your natural quiet state, the state you feel when you don’t have anything to worry about. Your mind is quiet and still. The goal for us over this month is to hit that high state, that state where your mind is quiet and peaceful with heights. You might think this is unachievable, not so, everything is achievable, it’s whether you want to get the result you want.

Step 1: In this first exercise I would like you to write out all those beliefs you have about why you have your fear of heights. Write down what your mind says. Just spend no more than 5-6 mins on this.

Step 2:Now write down the positive version of those beliefs. When you write the positive version of these beliefs you are challenging those beliefs. If anything gets stirred up, just stop, breathe, and say yes to that energy allowing it to leave. Notice it leaving and notice how much lighter you begin to feel.

Step 3: Ask yourself and write down all the reasons you believe why your fear of heights is real. If you didn’t believe in your fear, you wouldn’t be controlled by it, so somewhere there is a strong belief surrounding your fear of heights. When you’ve written your belief down, just notice it as just a thought that you have, and ask yourself: ‘Could I be ok with this belief as it is now??’ The more Okay you are with something, the less you are resisting it. What you resist persists, is a famous saying by Lester levenson, and it’s so true!!

Step 4:Now on a scale of 1-10 1 being the least fearful of heights and 10 being the most fearful of heights, whereabouts are you. Wherever you are just notice how you feel and just decide to let go of any thoughts and feelings by saying yes to whatever you feel. It’s the fastest way to let go of your fear. All thoughts want to leave, it’s unnatural for those thoughts and fears to be there. Your natural state is that calm, quiet state.

Step 5:I now want you to write down on a sheet of paper all the things you would do if you had no fear of heights. However I want you to really feel the difference, see yourself going up high and notice how relaxed and calm you are. You are what you feel, so feel the difference. On a scale of 1-10, 1 being the least good and 10 being the most good, how good do you feel. Wherever you are keep that belief strong, and let yourself surrender to that good feeling. Notice that the fear you once had probably isn’t that strong anymore. Just keep saying yes to that energy and that fear until you really feel a 10. If you’re struggling to get anywhere near a 10 then imagine as if you were a 10 on the scale, and imagine what it would be like. Really feel it in every cell in your body.

Okay, I think that’s enough for this week. Keep up the good work, practice the whole process, and if you want your very own personal mp3, did you know you can pick that up for only $10.00, click the link below for more information. Also if you want a really good course for helping you work through your particular issue, then I highly recommend you check out the Release Technique audio course or the book, through my affiliate link. Finally if you want something covered in these blog posts then please do email. The more input I get from you the more useful you will find this site. This site is for you and dedicated to you, so make the most of it. It would be great to catch you 1:1 or over Skype and you can see more details in the ‘How I Charge’ section, be great to have you on board. Thank you again for reading and I wish you a superb week. Stay tuned for a very special 2012 Olympic Offer, that your going to love, and one that will never be repeated again. Keep an eye on the blog Friday!!!

Chart Of Emtotions:

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