Retirement: Fear of Living Away From Home

It’s not long after your first job that you start to count down the days to your retirement. After about 40 years of the grind most people can’t wait to start their lifelong R&R. Once your retirement hits, you may find yourself a little wearier than you dreamed of being.

After being in one place for so long you, when it’s time to make the decision to live elsewhere you may experience a fear of homesickness. Not coming back to the same place you’ve come home to for decades might leave you afraid to actually move away from home once you retire.

There a few ways you can deal with this fear. First, you can ease into moving away by becoming a snowbird. Becoming a snowbird means you live at your current residence for part of the year, but then during the winter months you live in a warmer climate. Doing this for a few years may make your transition easier. When you can spend a few months out of the year in the place you’ve called home for years, it might make it easier when you have to leave.

If you make your new surroundings similar to your old surroundings, again, it might make it easier to acclimate. Bringing your old furniture and décor will make your new living situation feel like home. If you move after retirement and you leave absolutely everything behind, it’s natural to be scared and worried about moving on with your life. By bringing things that give you comfort you will be able to enjoy moving.

Don’t spoil your retirement by being afraid of change! Retirement is an exciting time that’s all about you, so do it at your pace. You will be able to enjoy your retirement much more if you do it your way. You don’t have to change everything about your life when you change locations. Make your retirement the best it can be by getting rid of what you don’t like and keeping what you do!

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