Fear Of Lice

Head lice has always provoked revulsion from human beings – it has always been a problem. Head lice occurs in all countries and cultures: today, it is often passed on from one school-age child to another. If you suffer from the hear of head lice, you have Pediculophobia.

Reasons For Fearing Head Lice

Head lice are feared for many reasons. It is, firstly, extremely uncomfortable to suffer from an invasion of head lice. It causes terrible itching, redness, and swelling on the scalp. These pesky bugs are also feared because it is very difficult to get rid of them. Time, energy, and vigilance are required to remove all the bugs and their larvae from the hair shaft and scalp.

Common Environments For Head Lice

Sometimes, attacks of head lice can cause epidemics in the school system. Parents must buy expensive, drug store preparations and apply them to their child’s head. Adults are also at risk of contracting head lice, since it is all too easy to pass them on during treatment. Special lice combs are used to brush each strand of hair from root to tip and carry away eggs and insects.

Children who suffer from head lice often become phobic. They panic when they discover that bugs are living on their scalp. They may cry or throw tantrums during treatment. Overall, an attack of head lice can cause uproar and outbursts in the family home.

Stigmas And Misconceptions

Many people perceive head lice as a signal of poor hygiene, and this stigma can provoke this phobia. In actuality, head lice prefer clean hair.It is not true that being dirty or unkempt causes head lice to appear, but strict cleansing and treatment are required to eradicate the problem. In some cases, children or adults must cut their hair very short or even shave their heads to get rid of the stubborn parasites.

People who fear putting strong chemicals on their body may also develop this phobia. They will have an aversion to insecticides and other medications that treat head lice. Alternative treatments, such as olive oil massages and thorough combing, will be used instead of chemical compounds.

Those who fear head lice will take pains to remove all traces of the nits and bugs from their surroundings. Unfortunately, lice tend to live on pillowcases, bedding, and furniture. Getting things back to normal after an encounter with this nits and bugs can be a huge task. In the end, some families must go through the eradication procedure a few time before all is well.

A phobia about head lice will most likely stem from the feelings of revulsion that are quite natural when people realize bugs are nesting in their scalps and feeding on their blood. Frequent checks for lice may become a compulsive habit for those who suffer from Pediculophobia.

Head lice can be a problem in poor countries. This is mostly due to the lack of chemical preparations that are needed to help people get rid of the insects. When the Industrial Revolution began, nations with resources to industrialize found it easier to manufacture topical insecticides such as DDT. Countries who did not industrialize still suffered from the same epidemics of head lice.


The symptoms of fear of head lice are the same as those suffered during a panic attack. Those with Pediculophobia report feelings of terrible anxiety, nausea, and racing heartbeat when they are confronted with triggers for their phobia. They will do anything to be certain they are free of lice, and that their environment is also undisturbed by the insects.


Treatment for this phobia should include education about medications and lice combs. It should focus on prevention. If this doesn’t ease fears, therapy may be of assistance. Any compulsive activities related to checking for lice should also be addressed.

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