Fear of Spiders

For the individual who suffers from arachnophobia any spider is too big – any chance meeting is unacceptable.

General Fear Factor

Recent news reports indicate the likely cause for a fear of spiders is evolutionary in nature. The idea is that we have been evolutionarily conditioned to avoid spiders. However, oppositional findings support the notion that we are simply conditioned to fear certain things – including spiders after birth.

Researchers placed flies in with a spider to see how they responded. The argument is that if the fear is evolutionary than the flies would likely have a flight response to the spiders. Researchers actually found that the flies would land on the spiders from time to time. The spiders would even bat at the flies to get away. Further various primates often catch and eat spiders without fear. The end conclusion is that the fear of spiders is something that is introduced to us and is not refuted until we believe so firmly in the fear that we have trouble viewing the issue in a new light.

Understand the Fear

Many who suffer from arachnophobia find themselves unable to face a spider. They will ask a family member to kill the spider. They may scream, freeze in place or run from the room. These individuals may also have the same reaction if a spider is shown on television, the computer or in pictures. It is even possible for individuals to fear spiders more than death.

In severe cases this fear can put significant limitations on outdoor activities, cause the sufferer to wear long sleeve clothing even in the hottest months and may eliminate participation in outdoor sports for fear of contact with a spider.

Overcoming Your Fear of Spiders

Perhaps it might help to put the spider in perspective.  The following are traits of a spider.

  • Does not like to engage any creature larger than itself.
  • Primarily eats insects.
  • Many have no ability to bite a human being.
  • If they can bite it is generally as a defense.
  • Have a general fear of humans and will stay or get out of the way whenever possible.

You can use various store brand chemicals to protect your home from spiders although nothing can absolutely promise complete eradication.

More Tips

Many sufferers engage in therapy sessions that help them overcome their fear. This might be as simple as learning to watch a spider in a glass aquarium or as radical as allowing a spider to crawl on your arm.

By educating yourself on spiders you can learn why it may not be productive to express fear. Learning more about what you may perceive as the enemy may actually help you come to terms with the fact most spiders cannot hurt you.

You may find that simply watching a spider without running may help. As you begin to see that the spider will not chase you it may be possible to edge closer to the spider. When you can do that you will become more empowered to face spiders again.

If you’re anything like me you may have thought that spiders came out at night when the lights were off. I remember reaching over to turn on the light fearing that spiders were all over my bed. There were none once the lights came on, but it’s amazing how powerful the fear can be.

Your Thoughts?

I’d love to hear some of your success stories or even some of the things you struggle with most when it comes to spiders. It can be difficult for those who do not have this fear to truly understand how debilitating it can be.

Fear of Spiders Video

The fear of spiders is also referred to as:

  • spider phobia
  • phobia of spiders name
  • fear of spider phobia
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