Fear of Cosmic Phenomenon

Many will pause to take in the view of an eclipse, comet or meteor shower. Museums are counted fortunate if they own a meteor or other space debris. People are fascinated by what is beyond our earth’s atmosphere. This is why we explore space and seek to learn as much about it as possible. There are those who can provide a compelling case as to why cosmic phenomenon should be feared. This fear is known as Kosmikophobia.

Movies that depict a potential destruction of our world from an asteroid strike or the eventual fading of the sun’s power can make some individuals cautious, concerned and obsessive about the role of cosmic phenomenon in our lives.

What Causes the Fear of Cosmic Phenomenon?

A woman in an office complex discovers holes in the roof, wall and floor. The cause? A meteor smaller than a golf ball.

Greensburg, Kansas is home to a meteor that weighs in excess of 1,000 pounds.

Space debris enters our atmosphere on a regular basis and we can’t stop it. This is the cause of much of the fear surrounding cosmic phenomenon. There is a belief that an exploding star or an asteroid that gets off course could collide with our planet causing the destruction of the planet, global change in atmospheric conditions, or even result in global flooding and earthquakes.

Whether these are things you think about because of your own observation or are things you believe are troublesome because of fear observed in a family member or friend the truth is this is a fear that can be debilitating because it leaves the phobic personality with the feeling that they cannot protect themselves or others from what they believe to be a probable outcome.

What are the Symptoms of Kosmikophobia?

An individual with this fear may spend a lot of time observing the sky for evidence of impending doom. They may be less likely to go outside and they may be obsessed with following news from NASA.

Other symptoms may also include…

  • Air hunger
  • Trembling
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Panic attacks
  • Control loss
  • An urge to flee while feeling trapped
  • Sweating
  • A sense of dread
  • Pessimism
  • Nausea

Managing all the “what ifs” surrounding cosmic phenomenon can cause some to encounter an emotional breakdown. This fear is debilitating primarily because every fearful thought prompts the phobic personality to believe death or physical harm are real and present possibilities.

How to Overcome Kosmikophobia

Perhaps a good starting point is to ask yourself how many people you know personally have been killed or injured by comic phenomenon. It is more likely that you would know someone who has been struck by lightening than someone killed by a cosmic phenomenon.

Visiting with a therapist can provide a great framework from which to manage how you deal with fears as well as allowing you a greater understanding of why you feel fear to begin with. Believe it or not this is important, because in most cases the fear you recognize is generally not the only fear lurking in your mind.

The fear of cosmic phenomenon is also referred to as:

  • Cosmic phenomenon fear
  • Kosmikophobia
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