Fear Of Newness Or Novelty

The fear of newness or novelty is known as Cainophobia. This phobia can be a response to changes in society, personal relationships, or even financial circumstances.

Reasons For This Phobia

Sometimes, life throws a lot our way. Dealing with changes, in the form of newness or novelty, can be challenging. Some people respond to such changes by shutting down and turning away from newness. When this happens, a phobia, known as Cainophobia, may begin to develop.

Many people feel that life was better in the past, before technology and the fast-paced aspects of Millennial life took hold. For some, the dream of a slower, more rustic way of life may be a reaction against newness and novelty. For older generations, who grapple with new gadgets, such as iPhones and Blackberries, the past may seem simpler, more human, and full of memories to cherish.


Do You Fear Technology?

While the newer generation relishes the ever-shifting panorama of technology and pop culture, there may still be some members of its generation who wish things were different. Our culture celebrates different things now – in our new world, there is a gaudy, garish quality, as adult film stars parade Hollywood red carpets, and reality TV gives us all “too much information” 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Zeitgeist

The spirit of the times is known by the German term, Zeitgeist. The zeitgeist is currently centered around political unrest, mass media onslaughts, and celebrity. In the past, other eras focused on different value systems and different ideas about what was acceptable and public. This sense of decorum may have masked some hypocrisy and a barely-hidden “class system”, but there was still a higher regard for proper conduct and manners.

A fear of novelty and newness can often be a way of longing for the past. It can also signal some discomfort with the current zeitgeist. Sometimes, people with Cainophobia will dig in, refusing to adapt to changes they dislike. This can impact life negatively, since flexibility is often one of the keystones of a successful career or relationship. Being too uncomfortable in the face of change will tend to block a person’s progress.

Ways To Cope

Newness and novelty can, in their most positive forms, add richness and dimension to our lives. When we fear change, we can become stagnant. People with Cainophobia can utilize various therapies and treatments in order to manage their phobia, allowing them more freedom to experience and enjoy new things. Panic treatments can have excellent results, freeing the phobia person from a lifetime of withdrawing and retreating in the face of new challenges and life experiences.

Sometimes, the symptoms of Cainophobia can be overpowering. For example, panic attacks can rear their ugly head, causing nausea, headaches, dizziness, and terrible mental anguish. If changes and newness make you feel physically ill, it’s worth your time to examine traditional and alternative therapies. Sometimes, talking to someone about fears can help. If you want a more private solution, panic treatments that use tapes or workbooks can provide assistance, while maintaining confidentiality.

Progress Is Possible

Finding joy in life requires some degree of risk-taking. Finding the tools to combat Cainophobia is possible. You can clear away the tensions and memories that block your ability to take risks and reap the benefits of your ability to face new challenges. By embracing your fears and getting to the root of problems that are buried in your psyche and subconscious, you can break free to a better life.

The fear of newness or novelty is also referred to as:

  • newness phobia
  • novelty phobia
  • newness fear
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