Fear Of Time

The fear of time is known as Chronophobia. This is an understandable phobia that is usually tied in to the fear of mortality.

Reasons For Chronophobia

We all fear the march of time: time waits for no man. The fear of time is often a reflection of the most basic, and most powerful phobia: the fear of death. As we age, years seem to pass so quickly, and we struggle with the ravages of time. All of us must face the changes time brings: to our faces, our bodies, and our careers and relationships. Sometimes, time can seem like the source of great upheaval.

If you suffer from Chronophobia, you may be overly sensitive to time, and feel powerless to control it. We have a limited life span, and it’s very difficult for us to accept. This is quite natural and understandable. However, in order to enjoy life and get the most out of experience, we need to conquer the fear of time.

Are You Ruled By The Clock?

If you feel stressed by the busy pace of modern life, you may feel you are being ruled by the clock. Many people express a sense of misery about the many activities, work responsibilities, and family commitments that pack their days too full. Even children in our busy world complain of too much schedule times, and too little “free time” to stop, think, and dream. People of all ages can be susceptible to Chronophobia.

The Elderly May Be More Prone To This Phobia

However, the elderly may be especially prone to this phobia. They are, quite simply, closer to the end of their journey on Earth. People who are ill and facing diseases and terminal conditions will become conscious of the way time slips away, and they will feel anxious and afraid. Those with religious faith, and a strong belief in the afterlife, in the form of heaven, or reincarnation, can still be subject to fear. It’s only natural.

When the fear of time gets out of hand, sufferers may feel paralyzed by indecision. They are so aware of time passing, of scheduled to he adhered to, and things they must do, that they may become sad, depressed, or temperamental. When Chronophobia affects daily life, it may be time to consider some coping strategies to combat the phobia.

How To Cope

Coping with this phobia may require some retraining of the brain. You must learn to be philosophical about time, and to manage your time better.

Taking a time management course can be a practical way to combat your fears and improve your daily life. These courses can teach you how to organize your day, and allow your life to run more smoothly. By taking the initiative, you will be in control. While time will of course march on, regardless of what you do, you will be getting the very most out of the time you have. This can really ease the worst symptoms of Chronophobia.

Treating panic related to aging etc. can be a bit more difficult. Facing mortality is unpleasant and scary. If your phobia leaves you with physical symptoms like dizziness, headaches, nausea, and racing heartbeat, you should consider panic treatment. With proper care, you can release tension and relieve anxiety.

The fear of time is also referred to as:

  • afraid of time
  • time phobia
  • time fear
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