Fear of Trees

The fear of trees is known as Dendrophobia. While many people find the sight of trees soothing and peaceful, others are put off by their gnarled trunks and dense foliage. Different sorts of trees may affect the afflicted person in a negative way, evoking intense and persistent anxieties…

Reasons For This Phobia

The danger of being struck by a falling tree can be one important trigger for Dendrophobia. Often, trees suffer infestations or rotting from the inside. Sometimes, it’s difficult to say if a tree is diseased or ready to fall. For some, this quality of unpredictability can lead to an avoidance of forests and parks where large trees are found. The weight and density of the tree may have an impact on the degree of fear experienced by the person with this phobia.

Some people with Dendrophobia have large trees on their property, which they suspect are unsafe. Often, city bylaws make it difficult to remove such trees without a lot of bureaucracy and red tape. Living with a tree that might fall and harm property or cause injury or death can be stressful, and elderly people who can’t move quickly or respond effectively to a falling tree may become fearful and upset when they look outside. Often, there is a way to get rid of trees that might be dangerous, but getting permission to cut them down can be a chore.

Shadows And Tall Trees…

Trees can also appear a little sinister at night, when their branched seem to resemble arms that reach out for the phobia person, as though to grab them: the shadows of dancing leaves and swaying branches can also cause a sense of Gothic darkness or terror. In films like The Lord Of The Rings, trees are animated creatures, known as Ents, that move and speak. They are menacing and they seem to fill the movie screen with their “bodies” and booming voices. For children or adults who are impressionable and sensitive, these types of portrayals of trees can trigger nightmares and feelings of unease.

Ways To Cope

Learning to live with trees is essential, because avoiding them is very difficult to do. Obviously, living in a busy, urban area will make it easy to escape the fears that descend while walking through a dark forest, but there will still be parks and green spaces where trees grow. Living in a rural area where houses are far apart, and tress cast long shadows, can be difficult for people with this phobia. In a sense, the quiet and isolation of rural areas that are dense with foliage can be a trigger in itself. When things are very still, the mind can play tricks on itself…making trees out to be frightening and threatening shapes…

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Symptoms And Treatment

People with this phobia report feelings of unrest, heart palpitations, and dizziness when they must be around trees. They often seek out panic treatments, psychotherapy, and alternative treatments, such as hynotherapy, in order to cope with their symptoms and live a normal life. By taking control and getting at the heart of Dendrophobia, you can, in time, make real progress and even learn to love being around trees.

The fear of trees is also referred to as:

  • Tree fear
  • Afraid of trees
  • Tree phobia
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