Fear Of Walking Or Falling

The fear of walking or falling is known by the Latin term, Basophobia. This phobia can also include a fear of being unable to stand.

Reasons For Basophobia

Sometimes, the fear of walking or falling may be tied into an existing illness or medical condition. Problems with coordination and balance can exacerbate this phobia.

The Elderly Can Suffer From This Phobia

The elderly may be much more susceptible to this phobia, as the body tends to degenerate over the years, leading to problems and more difficulty moving. While this is a generalization, many older people will become fearful of slipping and falling. Their fragile bones and inability to get up after a fall will make them frightened.

The famous, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” ad campaign, which was used to sell an emergency messaging device, really played into the fears some elderly people have about accidents involving slips and falls.

Of course, other age groups and types of people can be afraid of walking, falling, or being unable to stand. For example, people who work construction or other jobs where they must walk on scaffolding or from great heights will often experience similar trepidation.

Workplace Injuries Are A Trigger

Injuries from slipping and falling in the workplace are often triggers for this fear. Any prior accident in which someone is injured when walking will be a factor in the development of Basophobia.

Sometimes, the weather can have an impact on whether or not people slip and fall. Countless people have been injured through slips on icy sidewalks. Salting and other techniques for avoiding dangerous falls, such as winter boots with excellent grips on the soles, may ease this phobia. Ice and show will provide a dangerous environment for people who suffer from this phobia. They may feel nervous about going outside if the streets seem icy and treacherous.

If someone who lives in your home or neighbourhood suffers from this phobia, there may be ways to help them deal with their fears. For example, handrails and other helpful implements will make them feel more secure. If you are elderly and afraid of falling, or know someone who is, grab bars in the bathroom and handrails in and around the home will make it much easier to feel secure and avoid injuries.

For older people, slips and falls can have serious consequences. Fragile bones may fracture, shatter, or break, leaving the person with long-term pain and disability.

Falling And The Subconscious

Many people have dreams or nightmares about falling…this common theme is thought to represent insecurity, doubt, and fear. This symbolic link between falling and failure or self-doubt provides some interesting insight into the subconscious reasons why people may develop this phobia. If you believe in dream interpretation, this explanation of falling dreams may be very revealing.

People who fear falling may change their lifestyles for the worse, in order to avoid triggers. Their fears about injuries may lead to a sedentary lifestyle that is unhealthy and isolating. It’s best to seek help if you feel paralyzed by your fears. At the very least, make an effort to be active and get outside, in whatever fashion feels most safe to you.

Other techniques for dealing with this phobia may include some form of therapy to get at the root of your anxieties. If an injury or memory is affecting you and triggering your symptoms, a psychologist or counsellor may be able to help you move past the worst of you tension and move forward in life. Sometimes, anti-depressants are used to take the edge off feelings of doom, terror, and physical illness.

Other names for the Fear Of Falling

Falling Fear

Fear Falling

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