Fear Of Drinking Alcohol

When someone develops an intense and persistent fear of imbibing alcoholic beverages, they suffer from Dipsophobia. This phobia can occur for a variety of reasons…from religious beliefs, to the fear of loss of control…

Reasons For The Fear Of Drinking Alcohol

Fear of drinking alcohol is quite common: after all, we know the effects of the substance on the brain and body. Too much alcohol can result in a loosening of inhibitions, and sometimes it leads to errors in judgment. People have been known to make some pretty serious (and in some cases, life-altering) mistakes when they drink too much. Examples of problems resulting from alcohol abuse may include arrests (such as DUI’s), fights, promiscuity or sexual indiscretions, and physical malaise, including vomiting and hangovers. There are some good reasons to avoid alcohol, but most people do know how to use it in moderation.


For the person with Dipsophobia, there can be an aversion due to prior problems handling alcohol. Alcoholics know that they need to avoid having even one drink, because they do not know how to stop drinking once they start. As well, children of alcoholics, or anyone who has been exposed to the negative side effects of alcohol, may develop this phobia.

Some religions, such as Mormonism, forbid the use of alcohol, and therefore, drinking is linked with sin and guilt. Often, the cultural attitude towards alcohol use can be passed down through families, and many people with this phobia grow up believing that drinking is morally wrong. In certain cultures, such as those of Europe, drinking a glass or two of wine is expected and quite normal, but other cultures frown upon its ingestion. How a person perceives drinking is often a product of their upbringing and education.

People with this fear will tend to avoid a lot of social gathering where alcohol is consumed: generally, they will not feel comfortable in nightclubs or pubs. Avoiding alcohol can be easy, but avoiding other people who drink liquor is considerably more difficult. This phobia can take its toll on a person’s family life, and may even have an adverse affect on romantic relationships. Sometimes, the fears and anxieties caused by alcohol can really take their toll.

Alcohol Abuse In Mass Media Sends A Message

Today, TV shows like Intervention tend to show the worst-case scenarios of addiction, and frequent depictions of alcoholics and their bad behavior can be triggers for the person with Dipsophobia. The substance itself can also be a trigger: the smell, viscosity, or color of certain types of alcohol can cause feelings of nausea, tension, or emotional upset.

Learning to live in a world where alcohol is imbibed may require some panic treatment or other method of coping. Psychotherapy and cognitive remapping are two forms of treatment that can lessen the impact of Dipsophobia on the afflicted.

The fear of drinking alcohol is also referred to as:

  • alcohol fear
  • afraid of alcohol
  • alcohol phobia
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