Fear of Ancient Egypt

The photographic result of the discovery of ancient Egyptian ruins has been the stuff of documentaries and traveling exhibits. Who were these people, and how did they advance so quickly to be a premier force in the ancient world? The pyramids, tombs, paintings and statues have intrigued many and the masses continue to express an interest in an ancient civilization still living among us today. However, there are some that find even the idea of expressing an interest in ancient Egypt a fearful thing. While there is no scientific name for this fear this article explores the fear that is often overwhelming.

In most cases this fear can be present in individuals who have never been to Egypt, have no relation in the country and have no ties to the country they are aware of.

What Causes the Fear of Ancient Egypt?

Truthfully this fear can come from a lot of sources. Let’s take a look at a few.

The Exodus: This is an event in which a people enslaved by a Pharaoh in ancient Egypt sought to leave. These people called upon their deity through their leader Moses to call down curses upon Egypt until Pharaoh let them go. It ended in the death of many Egyptian sons as well as soldiers that followed the former slaves. In essence there is great mystery around the ancient circumstances of Egyptian life, culture and heritage.

The Pyramids: Many believe these ancient symbols of Egyptian greatness to have some sort of mystical powers that could destroy or enslave mankind. Even if this seems outside the realm of believability it can be something that fuels fear.

Movies: So many movies have used tombs, mummies and the interior of pyramids to point to deadly powers. While this is not likely the inspiration for all fears it can both plant seeds of fear as well as enhance existing fears.

The fear can also be observed and followed by way of  someone you trust.

Symptoms of the Fear of Ancient Egypt

As with most fears this particular fear is marked with avoidance. The one who fears cannot bring themselves to attend a museum tour of ancient Egyptian artifacts. They may not be able to watch a documentary or even a movie about ancient Egyptian culture.

Other symptoms may also include…

  • Elevated heart rate
  • Air hunger
  • Trembling
  • Nausea
  • Panic attack
  • An urge to flee
  • A fearful response to those who currently live in Egypt

There is no such thing as a typical fear. In each case the fear has a very personal history even when retelling the history sounds unusual.

How to Overcome the Fear of Ancient Egypt

A personal desire to conquer the fear is important. If you don’t really want to address the fear then you cannot adequately combat the phobic response. This may include working to determine a response, working to find ways to reduce stress and burn off adrenaline when fear does strike. It may also mean taking your fear to a therapist who can help guide you in understanding fear and how to deal with it when it comes up.

The fear of ancient Egypt is also referred to as:

  • Ancient Egyptian fear
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