Fear Of Going To Bed

The fear of going to bed is surprisingly common. Nightmares, sleep disorders, and even work and relationship problems can leave a person more vulnerable to developing Clinophobia.

Reasons For This Fear

The world we inhabit in our dreams can be a frightening one. In nightmares, sleep terrors, and even dreams that are not necessarily scary, people may experience strange images that leave them uneasy. Those with sleep disorders may become wary of going to bed, because they know they are likely to suffer from nightmares they have no way to control. The subconscious world of our dreams can give rise to all sorts of violent or disturbing images. Often, people who have frequent nightmares will experiences dreams of falling, dying, or being humiliated. The biggest trigger for Clinophobia is often the fear of dreams/nightmares such as these.

Stress Can Be A Trigger

However, there are other reasons why people can fear going to bed. Life stress often plays a huge role in this fear. Many people report a feeling of dread on Sunday night, when they have to work in the morning. They will become prone to disorders such as insomnia, because the thought of the morning that lies ahead is creating great mental and physical tension.

Clinophobia A Red Flag?

General unhappiness can be a powerful trigger. When Clinophobia is not a direct reflection of a sleep disorder or medical problem, it often signals some deeper issues. Troubles and worries can keep someone awake. They may fear going to bed because they don’t know what will happen in the morning. They are bogged down with stress and nervous energy that makes the mere idea of sleeping peacefully feel impossible. Sometimes, insomnia and fears about sleeping will affect a person’s daily life.



The fear of sleep can also cause problems in other areas. Persistent fatigue can lead to an increased risk of accidents, and it can impact a person’s health. Loss of appetite, or increased weight from emotional eating, are common symptoms. As well, energy levels and effectiveness on the job may be decreased. Sometimes, lack of sleep, due to Clinophobia, can hurt relationships. People who suffer from exhaustion are more prone to loss of libido, fits of temper, impatience, tears, and depression.


Treating Clinophobia may requires some medical intervention, if its cause is related to a sleep disorder. If emotional problems or work stress is the root cause, it may be wise to seek out assistance in the form of counselling or therapy. When panic attacks become a symptom of the fear of going to bed, panic treatment can be one way to stave off physical and mental tension.

The fear of going to bed is also referred to as:

  • bed fear
  • going to bed phobia
  • afraid to go to bed
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