Fear of Theaters

Those who review movies spend lots of time in the theater. Millions will race to theaters this weekend to take in the latest flick. The cinema provides a unique lens on life or perhaps shows things as they might be. They provide new worlds of science fiction and dig into psychology as a framework for thrillers. No matter how enthusiastic you might be to watch a new movie in a theater there are those who would never enter the front door. Those who fear theaters are said to suffer with Theatrophobia.

Many couples have shared their first kiss in a theater. Many future actors discovered a love for their craft in a theater. Many great storytellers imagined their work on the screen they watched in a theater. Face it, the theater has been a brilliant way for many to share ideas and inspire dreams – but not for everyone.

What Causes Theatrophobia?

There may be many things that cause the fear of the theater. For instance a person may find themselves fearful when the lights go out and it is difficult to see to leave the theater if they need to. They may be fearful of confined spaces. This can be a huge trigger if the movie they go to see is full. The other trigger could be that the movie itself elicits fears that may be separate from the dark or small spaces.

Some may believe that the bad things that happen on screen might follow them from the theater. They may be convinced the horror flick they saw will come true in real life. The fear may be related to large crowds or loud noises. There are many reasons a person may find themselves afraid to visit the theater – and some of those reasons have been observed in others first.

This phobic personality may also fear the whole notion of acting in much the same way someone who fears clowns will respond to someone who masks their true features.

Symptoms of Theatrophobia

A person who fears the theater may or may not struggle with watching movies at home, but chances are strong they will express extreme apprehension if they encounter a theater.

Other symptoms may also include…

  • Panic attack
  • Trembling
  • Air hunger
  • Weeping
  • Screaming
  • Nausea
  • Loss of control
  • Irrational behavior

This fear is almost always linked to other fears and can result in troubling behaviors and irrational thoughts.

How to Overcome Theatrophobia

Because this fear is often personally linked to other phobias it is important to enlist the help of a qualified therapist who can help you understand why you respond the way you do and then how to deal with the issue.

It always helps to have someone who is empathetic to your phobia to turn to when you are struggling. These are individuals who will not poke fun at your phobia, but they will not enable you either. They want the best for you and they know fear is never a freeing emotion.

The fear of theaters is also referred to as:

  • Theater fear
  • Theatrophobia
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