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The sun provides inspiration when a new day begins by viewing its rising. It can add contentment to the day by observing the time frame in which it sets. The sun causes plants to grow so food can be made available to the inhabitants of this earth. The sun warms water, causes grass to grow and helps us see each other. The golden orb causes individuals to head to the beach and hope for a chance to ‘catch’ some rays. In some cultures the sun was something to be revered and honored – not something to fear. However, some people experience a significant threat when they experience a close encounter with sunshine. The fear is known as Heliophobia.

The sun itself provides a natural source of vitamin D and is useful in fending off a sense of depression or the blues. For all the value involved in having the sun to warm and cheer us there are reasons why some fear it.

What Causes the Fear of the Sun?

When you fear the sun you may be reflecting the phobia of another. There have been doomsday reports from many over the years that suggest the sun will enlarge, explode or race toward earth and eliminating all human life from the planet.  While this hasn’t happened the fear observed in a loved one in the past can be enough to perpetuate the fear in the present.

Another reason the fear is strong has to do with medical reports showing that exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer. This in turn can lead to death. It can make sense to the phobic personality that by refraining from exposure to the sun they are saving their lives. This obsessive tendency can result in a very strong phobic reaction.

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For those who have been treated for skin cancer there can be a fear of the sun because they don’t want anything similar to happen again. They respond by simply staying away from the sun all together.

Symptoms of Heliophobia

Heliophobes will resist or even refuse to go outdoors. They may have special glass installed in their homes that reduce the suns rays from coming in – or they may block the sun from their home by covering all windows. If they do go outside they will seek to cover their entire body from the sun and will likely wear sunglasses.

Other symptoms may also include…

  • Trembling
  • Panic attacks
  • Air hunger
  • Nausea
  • Weeping
  • Screaming
  • A sense of control loss
  • A need to escape sunshine

How to Overcome the Fear of the Sun

As we mentioned earlier the sun is a vital key to the existence of mankind. It is essential for life on this planet. That does make it seem very powerful, but in the history of mankind the sun has risen each day and set each night. This can be a measure of the comfort needed to accept the usefulness of the sun.

By visiting with a therapist you can learn if the fear of the sun is the sum total of your fears or if that fear is simply a reflection of other more deep seated fears.

The fear of the sun is also referred to as:

  • Sun fear
  • Heliophobia

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