Fear Of Flutes

Fearing a musical instrument is more common than you might expect. The appearance and sounds of certain musical instruments can produce a stress reaction in sensitive people: those who are afraid of the flute suffer from Aulophobia.

Why Do Some People Fear The Flute?

The flute is an elongated, thin tube. Flutes are part of the woodwind group of instruments. Sound is produced by blowing over an oval opening near one end. The different sounds the flute makes are very pleasing to some, but, for those with Aulophobia, they are grating.

People who fear flutes may also dislike watching people play them. They may be put off by the pursed lips and constant blowing required of a flutist (also known as a flautist). The high-pitched sounds of the flute may be particularly irritating to those who dislike the instrument. Those with sensitive hearing may shrink from the range of tones produced by this woodwind.


Symphonies And Classical Music May Be Triggers

Some people simply loathe classical music, and the flute is often used to produce this genre or style. The flute is a component in symphonies. For those who prefer rock, punk, pop, or other styles of music, the flute may seem to be a throwback from another era, one they believe should be left in the past. Those who fear the flute will find its sounds incompatible with the music styles they love.

Aulophobics May Find The Flute’s Sound Dated

There are a few rock bands which have used the flute in their performances and studio recordings (Jethro Tull are one prime example), but, for the most part, the flute is not a rock or pop instrument.

Bad Experiences Often Trigger Phobias

Some people who fear the flute may have had a bad experience trying to learn the instruments. Woodwinds are very tricky, since they require more than touch to produce sound. Often, a special affinity for this instrument may be required, and some people simply don’t have the correct skill set to master the flute.

For those who failed at the flute, the sound of the instrument may trigger negative memories, and a sense of failure. Often, school music classes and band practices are breeding grounds for phobias about instruments.

Generally, sensitivity to the sounds of the flute is the foremost trigger for this phobia. Aulophobia may coexist with other phobias about similar sounds. Anything in the higher ranges may be a trigger for feelings of agitation, emotional upset, and anxiety. An audiogram or an appointment with an audiologist may be able to pinpoint any sensitivities that exacerbate such phobias.

Symptoms Of This Phobia

Often, people with phobias experience a panic attack reaction when triggers are present. In this case, the sounds or sight of a flute will make them feel upset, nauseated, and stressed. They may feel physically ill around flutes, and they will avoid obvious places where they may be found or played.

Certain music stores and public gatherings will be avoided. Symphonies, chamber music, and classical music performances will be shunned. They will be careful about what music they listen to, making sure that the dreaded flute won’t be heard.

Treating this phobia can be as simple as avoidance, which is not generally too difficult to achieve. However, if this phobia affects daily life, psychotherapy or medication may be of assistance.

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