Fear of Freedom

In many parts of the world people have fought for the freedoms they now possess. Yes, it is true of America, but it is also true for many other countries around the world. Freedoms are personal, religious and the ideals of pursuing happiness. There are those, however, who absolutely fear the notion of freedom. This fear is known as Eleutherophobia.

While some enjoy the notion of being able to make their own decisions, going to places they want to go to and working at jobs the are passionate about there are people who find the idea of freedom a fearsome prospect.

What Causes Eleutherophobia?

In the Bible there is a section of Scripture that talks about Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt. At first the people are anxious to leave and excited to have freedom for the first time in their lives. Yet, when difficulties came to the camp many of them responded fearfully and wished they were in slavery once more.

Records indicate this was true of some slaves even in America’s history. The individual understood slavery, but freedom carried a great deal of responsibility. For some it was simply easier to be a slave.

Sometimes prisoners can feel this way. If they are released on parole they will almost immediately engage in a criminal act that results in renewed incarceration.

Dictators today can retain power simply by reminding the people that with freedom there will likely be chaos and financial turmoil. The people respond favorably because they at least understand the role of slave.

In short one of the primary reasons for a fear of freedom is person experience indicates that a lack of freedom may provide it’s own security. When that security is disturbed there is perceived justification to fear that which supplants a sense of servitude.

Symptoms of Eleutherophobia

The talks of revolution for the sake of freedom can bring a sense of horror to those who simply wish to lead a quiet life for the remainder of their days. These individuals will speak of maintaining order for the sake of national and personal peace.

Other symptoms may also include…

  • Mistrust of others
  • A sense of servitude
  • Nausea at the thought of freedom
  • Social anxiety
  • Trembling
  • Air hunger
  • Weeping

Even in cases in which political freedom is not an issue a person may fear the freedom to just be themselves. They may feel the need to hide their inner convictions because they believe it may conflict with the views of others.

How to Overcome Eleutherophobia

Overcoming the fear of freedom often requires information. If a person can understand the process of freedom and how it can provide personal and corporate liberation they may find a quiet sense of excitement about the prospect.

A therapist can help you manage your fear response, which is important in recovery from Eleutherophobia. Your response has a lot to do with how you view the prospects of freedom. Change your logic response and your fear response may follow.

The fear of freedom is also referred to as:

  • Freedom fear
  • Eleutherophobia
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