Fear Of Gold

The fear of gold is known as Aurophobia. Those who fear gold may suffer from an allergy, or simply dislike the appearance of the precious metal.

Why Do People Fear Gold?

Gold is often coveted and highly prized. Its monetary value makes it a valuable commodity on world markets. Used in jewelry and in industrial applications, gold is clearly not feared by many. But, phobias exist in many forms, and the disorder known as Aurophobia is more common than you might expect.

Type Four Allergies Are A Trigger

Gold allergy is a primary trigger for this phobia. People who are allergic to gold will avoid the substance carefully. Allergies to gold are part of a special group of allergies known as Type 4 allergies. Often, severe inflammation is the result of any contact with the precious metal. Jewelry made with gold will be avoided, as it cannot be anywhere near the skin.

Inexpensive types of jewelry gold often contain other metals, such as nickel, and this addition can cause the allergy as well. Any person with Aurophobia, who wishes they could tolerate gold, should investigate whether or not they are allergic to nickel, or gold itself.

Sometimes, the fear of gold is based on aesthetics. Some people simply find gold too bright, a little tacky…images of sleazy men in the 1970′s, wearing heavy gold medallions with an unbuttoned shirt, may linger in their minds…

Is Gold A Symbol Of Excess?

Here is Mr. T, the former star of the A-Team, who was known for his overuse of gold jewelry…


This sort of excess gives gold jewelry a bad image…

Modern jewelers often substitute white gold and silver for traditional yellow gold, when crafting their designs. Many people today prefer the sleek, minimal look of silver and white gold. People with Aurophobia may not be phobia about both metals…it really depends on why they are afraid of gold. If it’s an allergy, they’ll avoid all types of gold. If it’s aesthetic, they may simply loathe one color or the other.

Silver May Be Preferred

Certain subcultures will avoid yellow gold. For examples, Goths would never be found wearing gold jewelry, because it doesn’t go with their vampire-inspired image. Punks are not known to wear gold, either, because it smacks of the establishment, and the excesses of the rich. These subcultures will opt for silver every time.

Not everyone fears gold – some people will risk their lives to acquire it. Here’s a classic character, created by master novelist Ian Fleming – who loves only gold

In Goldfinger, villain Auric Goldfinger stockpiles gold quite obsessively. He would never understand the concept of Aurophobia. His greed and lust for the gleaming metal makes him a unique and unforgettable 007 “bad guy”. Ian Fleming’s characters usually have some quirk that makes them interesting and novel.

Those who fear gold will avoid its appearance in films, mass media, and magazines. Fashion magazines often show gold, so they are best avoided. Stock reports and other TV and radio programs and podcasts that feature gold will also cause a stress reaction in people with Aurophobia.


Dealing with a phobia involving gold will require some self-examination. Once you’ve figured out why you fear the precious metal, you can decide whether or not to seek treatment. Often, phobias can interfere with daily life, by hindering activities and by physical symptoms, such as headache, nausea, and anxiety.

Psychotherapy and medication can ease the worst elements of any phobia, though it may take some time to get results. Finding the right medicine or course of therapy should involve an assessment from a trained professional who understands phobias and how they should be treated.

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