Fear Of Gravity

The fear of gravity is known as Barophobia. Those who fear this natural force will feel overpowered by its strength and its effect on the world around them.

Reasons For The Fear Of Gravity

Barophobia may stem from a fear of feeling pulled down or oppressed. The gravitational forces at play in the universe are central to our understanding of the physical world. Without a knowledge of gravity and what is does, there would be little progress.

From amusement park rides to modern construction – the gravitational force discovered by Newton, through the use of a simple apple, continues to be one of the most important factors in the known universe.

So why fear gravity? There can be a whole range of reason why…from the fear of aging and the sagging flesh that comes from getting older…to a sense of powerlessness over nature…

Aging May Trigger This Fear

Among today’s men and women, staying fresh and young is more important than ever before. We are bombarded with images of perky breasts, smooth, unlined skin, and plastic surgery.

Celebrities do anything they can to avoid the natural process of aging, which is subject to the force of gravity.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “when gravity hits”, which is usually applied to women and the loss of perkiness that comes with age, you will understand why gravity can be a trigger for this phobia.

Obviously, gravity affects the way we age, and the billion dollar fitness, supplement, and cosmetic industries play upon this fear every day.

People spend countless dollars trying to stave off the effects of this natural force. However, nothing can really halt the effects of gravity. Creams, vitamins, and exercise can enhance well-being, but they will never be a match for gravity itself.

Thrill Rides Frighten Those With Barophobia

Other triggers for the fear of gravity can include the fear of amusement park rides that use the force, along with the force of inertia, to propel cars down a metal or wooden track.

Gravity at its seemingly most extreme will be experienced while riding a roller coaster, or another amusement park rides that plays with gravity to evoke thrills and fear.

Those who fear gravity will not be likely candidates for all the thrill rides some people enjoy so much. Dropping quickly from dizzying heights will be a manifestation of their deepest fears. People with Barophobia may even have trouble watching TV programs or ads featuring thrill rides.


Poor Knowledge Of Science Can Cause This Phobia

Aside from thrill rides and the fear of aging, the fear of gravity may result from a lack of understanding of scientific theories and principles. If someone’s education in this area is lacking, they may feel nonspecific and more focused fears about the forces at play in the universe.

Education and acceptance of gravity and what it does, in the natural world, and in our own bodies, is the keystone to alleviating this phobia. The better a person with Barophobia understand gravity itself, the more they will be able to appreciate that it’s constant, unchanging, and totally unavoidable.

With education comes the ability to release tension that might stem from a lack of understanding, and any confusion caused by that.

If education doesn’t work, then therapy may be useful. Talking to a trained professional who specializes in treating phobias will allow the phobia person to get at the root of their issues with gravity. Once the base cause of the phobia is revealed, whether it is a fall from a tree as a child, or the degeneration that aging causes, progress can begin.

Sometimes, medication may be necessary to ease physical symptoms and promote a sense of well-being.

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